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UN chief reiterates flood-hit Pakistan needs global response

  • Calls for increased funding to counter of changing of the climate
  • Leaves for USA after packing up two day visit to pakistan

ISLAMABAD: UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for significant increase in funding for developing countries for adaptive resistance to negative influences of changing of the climate.

In an interview with PTV, broadcast on On Sunday he said: “It is very important that financial support to developing countries in the attitude towards adaptive resilience is increasing significantly.”

“We need $300 billion for adaptation of development countries. Need strong responsibility for what.”

Guterres announces casualties and damage environment provided in Paris Agreement, but not progress or serious discussion on in issue.

He hoped that progress would take place on in issue of climate change during the upcoming discussions at international level.

Talking about destruction caused floods in Pakistan, he said, “I have no words to describe what I saw, like a flood. area three times more than my country Portugal.”

“I saw an unprecedented natural disaster, clearly caused climate change and people suffered greatly. People have lost their homes, crops, livestock, livelihoods and some of they have to pay the loans they asked for for in order to plant a crop. This is a human tragedy of huge dimension.

At the same time, the UN Secretary General said that he was deeply moved and encouraged when he heard these stories. of women as well as men who It was abandoned their houses in to go and save the neighbors safety.

These examples of generosity, solidarity and courage make him feel that world is responsible for the massive support Pakistan, he said, adding a dimension of in problem was huge and the country did not have the resources to make them people as well as economy recover from disaster.

“We need stop the war on nature. nature catches the eye back with devastating consequences in Pakistan and other parts of in world”, he remarked.

He said the victims of natural disasters were not so polluted, but the victims were in those places that were less protected against in nature due to climate change.

” international support it’s not a question of generosity but question of justice. We must raise awareness and we must speak loudly against tragedy”.

Pakistan needs global response

UN Secretary General António Guterres left for United States on Sunday after packing up his two-day visit to Pakistan, reiterating that the natural disaster that hit South Asian country needs global response.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah saw him off morning at Karachi airport.

The head of the UN visited on 9 and 10 of this month show solidarity with in people of Pakistan who withstand a colossal natural disaster caused by the climate caused unprecedented rain and flooding across the country.

During the visit, he called for substantial and sustainable support and solidarity from international community overcome a huge challenges caused by unprecedented climate floods in Pakistan.

In addition to high-level meetings, briefings, interactions with displaced people UN country representatives, civil society and media also visited flood affected areas of Sindh and Balochistan where he was given an overview of rescue and relief efforts of government of Pakistan and national as well as international partners. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif accompanied him on his visit to flood-hit areas.

talking to media on On Saturday, a foreign senior official remarked that Pakistan did not have the resources to compensate for loss of life, crops and livestock.

“Those who created such a situation, must en masse support Pakistan, like Pakistan, cannot do it alone. I don’t ask for generosity, but for justice,” he added.

UN secretary-general said countries vulnerable to climate change, including Pakistan, should be supported rebuild resilient communities and infrastructure to resist future disasters. He also called for reduction in emissions.

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