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UK rejects government request for contempt proceedings against Imran

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Thursday reclaimed of a government contempt petition against former prime minister Imran Khan over his failure obey the order to complete the modalities for peaceful behavior of Pakistan Long March Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Islamabad.

Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the federal government and opposition party set up negotiating committees and meet late at night to agree terms for protest and proposal to sit-in.

The committees were to meet office of Chief Commissioner of Islamabad at 22:00. the court had also ordered the administration to designate a piece of Earth in H-9, where protesters could gather. However, the protesters gathered on D-Chowk instead.

However, negotiations did not take place, as both sides claimed that the other did not appear. up.

Separate court also led the ministry of Interior for the release of lawyers who not wanted in criminal cases and issued an order for the immediate release party workers and activists detained for maintenance of Public order (PLO). the ministry was also save from unnecessary use of force against protesters.

Today the court consisted of five bench judges, headed by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial after government moved petition through office of Attorney General Ashtar Osaf Ali.

The petition says that the head of PTI violated court orders and caused damage to the state. property during the march.

“Contempt of litigation may be initiated against Imran Khan for disobedience to court orders,” it said.

In response to a request, bench said Wednesday orders of The Supreme Court will remain in place.

Main justice then sent government do it work in line with Wednesday’s orders and said that his court would issue sentence in a case that would be “an example for in future”.

He noticed that political workers did not have their own agenda and followed party leadership.

“We don’t litigate in order to accuse anyone’ he repeated. “The court ruled only against violation of constitutional rights”.

During the proceedings, the chief justice further noted that articles 16 (freedom of assembly) and 17 (freedom of association) of The constitution guarantees the right to protest, but it is not unlimited and uncontrolled.


Meanwhile, the minister for Rana Sanaullah Khan said he personally monitored the security situation throughout the night and claimed that public rejected the group of rioters.”

In his statement, he said: “Imran Niazi has refused on his promise with The Supreme Court to hold a rally in a specially designated place. place and he broke his word by announcing to go to D-Chowk.

Sanaulla also stated that metrobus stations and trees were set on fire by protesters belonging to Khansky party.

“Under shield of Supreme Court decision panel of the rioters kept setting things up on fire all night,” he despised, adding that the Khan continued to stomp down court orders from his container overnight.

“Imran Khan continued to declare contempt of court all night from his container”, he hated and argued: “The police do not fire one rubber bullet. This is false propaganda”.

He also stated that at least 18 police officers and rangers personnel were seriously wounded, vowing that the security forces would continue to carry out their duty of protection of life and property of people.

“I’m crying tribute to every soldier of Islamabad police and rangers,” he said.

“Supreme Court should issue clear orders for securing a record of Constitution and state to group of rioters may be expelled from Islamabad and safety of life and property of townspeople of Islamabad can be secured,” the salon said. minister.

“Rangers and Islamabad police courageously and responsibly guarded citizens of Islamabad and controlled the group of rioters with tear gas,” he said. added.

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