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UK blamed of Existence ‘more evil” than the United States and steal the “Russian” invention of fish and chips

Mr. Isaev explained the UK’s hawkish stance towards Russia. invasion of Ukraine to “the philosophy taught to the British aristocracy in its colleges” that “it’s an island nation”.

He added: “Therefore, their task is to prevent the formation of strong states on continent in to keep control over continent. And now they just bring those college dreams of them to life.”

Britain has never been real ally us’

politician, who was dismissed from his post. secretary to the leader of parliament of United Russia for his participation in drunken fight on aircraft, urged listeners to “learn from this.”

Britain has never been real ally us,” he said.

“Even in those moments when he acted as our ally during world war, English [sic] managed to create problems. But now she’s just thrown off all her disguises.

He continued, “Clear off back to your island! Eat your porridge! Catch your chip and fish [sic] from your misty swamps!”

In a strange twist, Yevgeny Popov, the state broadcaster, then shook in claim that a British culinary dish was in fact Russian innovation.

“Turns out that white fish, fish and chips are Russian,” he said.

agreed Mr. Isaev, having finished with a kind of saying: “And pray for your moss-covered queen!”


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