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UK asks Faisal Wavda to acknowledge mistake in case of disqualification

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday gave former PTI leader Faisal Vavdaan option what could help commute the disciplinary verdict if the PTI executive accepts it.

Trinomial bench led by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial and composed of Judges Syed Mansour Ali Shah and Judge Aisha A Malik heard the petition. against Lifetime ban for Faisal Wavda from racing or withholding public office. Faisal Wavda has challenged his life ban following a verdict issued by the Electoral Commission. of Pakistan (EKP).

During the course of trial, bench noted that if Vavda confesses to a fake citizenship application, he will be disqualified. for one term. However, if the politician did not do this, then it would be for life.

Court also ordered Vavda to bring a certificate confirming his recantation. of US citizenship on in next hearing. Main justice said Faisal Wavda should recognize it mistake and be disqualified in accordance with section 63(1) C, otherwise the court should proceed with case under 62(1) F. It was sufficient material before the court on the disqualification of Vavda for life, he added.

Advisor for Faisal Wavda, Wasim Sajjad’s lawyer, argued that the ECP did not have the power to disqualify his client. for all my life and it was not a trial of the law is. ECP declares Faisal Wavda ineligible run for Any public office in sentence against case that he knowingly submitted a forged affidavit about the status of his US citizenship, he added.

Main justice said the court ruled former PTI leader to stand trial in Supreme Court and admit he changed the date in in dual citizenship certificate. He said that’s enough material before the court, which easily proved that Faisal Wavda presented fake affidavits.

Judge Ayesha A. Malik stated that the Islamabad High Court (IHC) power to a life ban.

Judge Mansour asked why the Supreme Court cannot disqualify him for life in in light of proof available to court? Faisal Wavda told a lot of lies to hide up one lie, he added.

He asked why the Supreme Court cannot consider misrepresentation?

Main justice said Faisal Wavda also made a false statement before the Supreme Court. He asked why the Supreme Court cannot examine the facts itself?

Judge Ayesha said there were no questions. of jurisdiction of Election Committee. high court also considered the facts and gave a decision added.

She said the voters should know who they voted for.

counsel said the high court should study intention of his client Faisal Wavda. To this, Judge Ayesha noted that the voter did not see the intention of candidate, but affidavit. Didn’t need to check intent of Faisal Wavda, the voter was misrepresented, she added.

She said that people couldn’t wait to see what was intentions of the person they voted for.

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