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Uddhav Thackeray dares civic and state polls

“I heard Prime Minister Modi is coming for “The elections for the Moroccan military junta,” Udhav Thackeray said.


Former state of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray challenged BJP chief strategist Amit Shah on Elections – both civil and state assembly – hours After Sharad Pawar claimed victory over the BJP in Panchayat elections on In my name or for me of Maha Vikas Agadi. “we also know Kushti (wrestling). we will show You are who It really is powerHe said former Chief Ministerwhose government ousted with The rebellion of current Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, with At the instigation of the BJP, also Mr. Shah accused of Inciting sectarian polarization, echoing comments of Tegashwi Yadav Bihar.

“I challenge Amit Shah – Tell all your disciples (disciples) who are sitting here for BMC elections in Month. Mr. Thackeray said at a meeting to assess of preparations for Civic opinion polls in Mumbai.

Amit Shah asked him party To put Shiv Sena to her place in Civic opinion polls in Mumbai. I dare you to experience it. Shiv Sina Relationship with The city Unbreakable and we are deeply connected with Everyday life of Mumbaikar normal” added.

There was more challenge for Mr. Shah.

“I challenge Amit Shah – We will fight against all yours tactics. If you are play Hindu Muslim cardLet me tell you that Muslims are with us. Even among Hindus, everyone, Marathi or non-Marathi, they are all with us… for you policy of division and rule wonr work here,” he said.

Yesterday the President of Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Vice President of Bihar Chief Minister Tegashwi Yadav had endorsed Janata Dal United’s ally comment Mr. Shah’s visit to Bihar was intended to “corrode societal harmony”.

“Why only JDU? Every Bihar knows what (Amit Shah) is. real Purpose… the moment you take his name, the entire country starts talking about him workMr. Yadav said.

Brihanmumbai Foundation elections – the richest civilian body in The state so far controlled by Shiv Sena – is next big challenge for Bharatiya Janata Party.

The party Hopes to split in will sina work in favor of new Ally Ignat Shenda, BMC . delivery in the hands of ruling coalition. Sina Council Members in Thene next door had pledged allegiance to Mr. Shinde days after his rebellion and in scanty-down effect of The split that started with The party MLAs.

Mr. Thackeray indicated that he was aware of of the scale of The challenge.

“I heard Prime Minister Modi is coming for BMC elections. They have the Minister of the Interior, they have treacherous Traitors, they have Munna Bhai (Raj Thackeray) and we have to compete against they. I want To ask you, are you afraid of they? Do we have the strength to fight against for them? ” party Workers.

His strongest comments were reserved for Mr. Shinde, who attacked him over The issue of A Vedanta-Foxconn investment that went to Gujarat.

“Eknath Shinde went to Delhi to perform the mujra (Concubines Dance). Why doesn’t the Prime Minister ask directly how can this project Go to another state? Mr Thackeray said, who It was called Shendi Camp.treacherous (traitors)”.

“Mumbai is financial capital of country and you are trying to take out These industries are transferred to your country. added.

So he charged new Chief Minister of trying to steal fatherUnaccompanied by Thackeray.

“I also Checking whether my father’s photo is there (on podium) or not … we’ve heard of Baby lifters, but now we see people Parents kidnapped too,” he said, in Criticism of Mr. Shinde’s inheritance claim of Thackeray Senior.

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