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Uber’s sweet gesture to exhausted rider wins internet hearts

Uber driver took passenger to a restaurant.

intimate post From a LinkedIn user is spreading fast on social media in Who talks about kindness of Uber driver in Bengaluru. Said the user, Harsh Sharma in for him post that driver His name is Rafi know He didn’t sleep because of the flight. Ravi asked him if he had breakfast, and Harsh said no. So driver took his to restaurant And even made a table for they. user until posted picture of eaters in The restaurant.

Mr. Sharma started his business post By saying: “The person you see in This picture is not from my relatives or my friend or anyone Who I knew until this happened.”

“This is Uber driver His name is Ravi unlike other taxis drivers you talk on headphones because language Barrier, he saw that I had not slept because of my flight. Arrange the seats so I can lie down down. Then he asked me, “Sir, have you breakfast?” I said no. He told me “You sleep, I stopped at good restaurant’After an hour, he wakes me up up. We are in a very crowded place, the restaurant arranges a table for I. The restaurant It was self service, but he brought the menu to me and suggested some specialties of South India’ Mr. Sharma added.


After they finished their meal, Ravi brought coffee for And he said: “Issa Nend Khaleeji‘, according to Mr. Sharma post.

“I was not allowed to leave the table, I did. met An hour ago, he’s still treating me like for him sonLinkedIn user added.

Mr. Sharma also He said that two more people joined they on The table he said was a rare sight in Delhi.

“ordinary man in His fifties just left impression for life on me and me left over here just A wonderful feeling good I wonder about it somewhere in this is fast Walking at the pace of life we left humanity way behind said Mr. Sharma.

The post It collected nearly 30,000 likes and a driver, a kind gesture that moved LinkedIn users.

“I’m so glad you got a gem of man like Mr. Ravi one user.

“that it good To hear about your masterpiece experience. All it takes is allowing others experience similar experience when they interact with us Perhaps as our customers, partners, neighbors, etc. “

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