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UAW Strike Could Expand to More Plants if Negotiations Stall, Says President Shawn Fain

UAW Strike Threatens to Expand if Negotiations Stall

UAW members at a rally in downtown Detroit on Friday, Sept. 15.

The UAW’s Strike Could Expand if Negotiations Stall

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has announced that it will expand its strike against the Detroit 3 automakers if negotiations this week do not make significant progress. UAW President Shawn Fain made the statement in a video posted by the union on Monday evening, emphasizing the urgency to address the concerns of autoworkers. The strike, which began on Friday, has already affected around 13,000 workers at plants owned by General Motors, Ford Motor Co., and Stellantis.

While Fain did not specify the number of additional plants that may join the strike, he indicated that the union may refrain from adding plants if the negotiations show promise. However, Fain expressed his dissatisfaction with the slow progress in talks and urged the automakers to take action.

The strike has had immediate consequences for the automakers. Ford has already laid off approximately 600 workers in Michigan due to reduced production capacity, and GM anticipates laying off around 2,000 workers in Kansas this week. Negotiations have been ongoing, but progress has been described as slow. The UAW has not received any new proposals from the automakers since the strike began.

The subcommittee-level bargaining continues consistently, while main table discussions have taken place between the union and each company involved. Meetings have occurred with Ford, GM, and Stellantis. Stellantis has expressed a commitment to finding common ground and establishing a framework that supports competitiveness and addresses challenges related to electrification.

The ongoing strike has also affected Stellantis’ Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois, which has been idle since February. Stellantis claims to have presented a proposal to the union that addresses the future of the plant. However, it remains unclear when the companies will present counteroffers to the union. The offers currently on the table include 20 percent wage gains over four years and a reduction in the time it takes for new hires to reach top wages.

Meanwhile, Ford faces the possibility of dual strikes in the United States and Canada. Negotiations with the Unifor union in Canada are ongoing, with a deadline of 11:59 p.m. on Monday. If a strike occurs in Canada, it could impact approximately 5,600 workers and have ripple effects on U.S. operations, particularly on Ford’s production of Super Duty pickups, F-150s, and Mustangs.

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