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UAE: Friends, colleagues to pay tribute murdered Pakistani exile Sarah Inam

DUBAI: UAE residents and friends have paid tribute Abu Dhabi resident Sarah Inam, who was killed on Friday in Pakistan.

#JusticeForSarah is trending on social media like her friends and colleagues demand justice for Pakistani-Canadian national after she was supposedly killed by her husband Shahnawaz, who is in in police custody.

it second high profile murder case in Pakistan after Nur Mukadam, aged 27, was also reportedly killed by her friend last year.

Inam’s friends in The UAE said she was a ‘wonderful colleague’ and that they were ‘shell-shocked’ know about her death.

“She was a wonderful colleague and dear friend. She was a talented economist. with passion for life for working with governments on education reform, employment and economic development initiatives,” said Stephen Nash, who worked with Sarah for four years at Deloitte office in Abu Dhabi.

“Let light always shine on you are my wonderful friend, Sarah. We can’t, won’t rest until we get justiceSaima Ismail said.

Sarah received her bachelor’s degree of Arts, Economics (Hons) and business university diploma of Waterloo. She then studied for her master’s at the same university. She had also completed an internship at the university of Waterloo and Human Resources and Skills Canada.

She began her career as a junior economist at US AID and then on joined Deloitte, international professional services company. She is also worked with Department of Abu Dhabi of Education and knowledge.

Sarah, who recently tied the knot, reportedly traveled to Pakistan to see her husband And her in-laws. After a heated discussion of husband allegedly beat her with a club death.

Celebrities, social and human rights activists and journalists across Pakistan also called for justice for Sarah.

“How long before we get any kind of of justice for any woman who was killed at the hands of fury and privilege. Another hashtag. Another long wait for justice. Justice Delay justice denied,” said popular Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

Muniba Mazari, a well-known speaker and artist, said: “This society has raised monsters and this ongoing vicious circle of violence and terror seems endless. While Nur Muqaddam is still waiting for justice, we have lost Sarah, another soul, another person killed by her own husband!”

Meher Bokhari, senior pakistani journalist, who went to college with Sarah in Canada said she was the sweetest and kindest soul and the quietest person.

“We are all shell-shocked. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone attack full grown man” says Bokhari.

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