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Two Muslim demonstrators shot dead dead Indian police during rallies over blasphemous remarks

NEW DELHI – Indian law enforcers kill two protesters and detain more than 130 others during rallies sparked by blasphemous remarks by a ruling member of the BJP about the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Police officers opened fire during mass protests that broke out across the South Asian country. The masses take to the streets in several cities, including the capital New Delhi and Ranchi, as the protesters called it for in arrest of members belonging to Modi party.

Authorities also disable internet connections in several cities, including Calcutta, and imposed a curfew while contingents of The armed forces used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators in northern Indian state.

Reports in international media claimed that some of the protests ended peacefully, with Indian police saying the marchers of throwing stones and violence.

Blasphemous comments by representatives of modi party angry Muslims in India and abroad. Several countries including Pakistan demanded public apologies, summoned the Indian ambassadors and saw the calls for a boycott of Indian products.

rights party dismissed press secretary Nupur Sharma in reply to comments made during a televised debate while the police also filed a complaint against her for incitement people on dividing lines.

Indian ruling party was accused of protection discriminatory policy towards Muslims since coming to power. led by modi government proposed controversial law granting citizenship to refugees in South Asian nation, but not if they are Muslim.

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