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Two government allies oppose links against PTI, sources

two members of allied government reportedly opposed the PDM decision to move link against PTI and Imran Khan after ECP verdict in case of prohibited funding, reports ARY News.

According to sources, the two allied parties disagreed with Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and federal governments decision to move link against PTI and Imran Khan under articles 62 and 63 of Constitution.

Both sides argued that if PTI was banned, then all of their MNAs and MPAs will also be disqualified over 140 national mounting locations and most of Seats in Punjab and CCP are vacated. launch government and additional surveys in so many places would be a huge task, they argued.

However, their argument was rejected and the PDM decided move forthcoming with link and deal with consequences later.

Sources said that the PDM and federal government also decided to put Imran Khan on Output Checklist (ECL).

DPM, in their meeting on Wednesday, decided to take strict action against head of Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) following ECP’s verdict proving party took prohibited funds from foreign citizens.

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Sources said that PDM leaders agreed to name the head of the PTI, Imran Khan. on Output checklist. Moreover, unity government decided to submit a link to article 62.63 against PTI head demanding his disqualification.


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