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Two days physical arrest of Shahbaz Gill handed over to Islamabad police

PTI leader Shahbaz Gill in court during court session of mutiny case filed against his. – Screenshot via Geo News

ISLAMABAD: District and Sessions Court on Monday granted two-day arrest of Head of PTI Imran Khan of officer, Shahbaz Gill, to the Islamabad Police in case of rebellion.

The duty judge, Aman Malik, ordered the police to introduce Gill. on 24 August.

Gill was introduced in court today after he was discharged from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital where he was admitted last a week.

Gill was taken to the Bakshikhana. back and further in the court session as a court took multiple breaks during listening.

PTI’s attorney disputed that Gill was in guarded for almost 14 days and that was enough time for investigation of the person, but the prosecution demanded more time.

The police demanded an extension of eight days in Gill’s physical imprisonment last hearing of happening on Friday – but the court sent him to PIMS in light of his state of health.

Gill was taken into custody. on August 9 from Banigal Chowk over accusations of fomenting rebellion among public against rows and files of the Pakistan Army, after making a few remarks during a TV program.

PTI claims its leader was “tortured” during in imprisonment and was not fit for physical detention for health reasons, while the police insist on he is taken into custody for further investigation.

Today’s hearing

During the hearing, the judge asked about his medical report and noted decision grant an extension in a preliminary opinion will be adopted after consideration of the report.

At the same time, the court was told that the case record was with Islamabad Supreme Court in a similar case that reserved a verdict and expected to announce it by 2:00 pm.

The judge asked the lawyer, “What do you think of the hearing? should be postponed until the receipt of the case”, to which he asked the court to howl until 14:00.

The judge later briefly adjourned the hearing.

Before recess, Gill told the court: “I was force-fed; 10-12 people shaved me; they lied to me about my bail.”

After the hearing resumed again, PTI lawyer Babar Avan told the court that Gill was in for 14 days and that time was enough for the police to investigate it.

However, the prosecutor’s office did not agree and demanded more it took time for probe. The prosecutor asked the court to extend the term of arrest.

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