Two arrested after Tyson Fury’s cousin Rico Burton was stabbed to death death in double stabbing, police confirm

Two people were arrested after fatal double stabbing in trafford, in who is the cousin of Police have confirmed that boxer Tyson Fury has been killed.

Detectives launched murder the study over “nonsensical attack” in Altrinch, who took place outside bar in goose green area shortly after 3 am on Sunday when both victims enjoyed the night out with friends, Greater Manchester Police said.

Rico Burton, 31, passed away shortly after. in hospital, and 17year-old boy with “serious but not life-threatening” injuries remains supervised of Medics, according to police.

A 21-year- the old man was detained on the spot on suspicion of wound with intent, and another man, aged 20, was later detained on suspicion of wound with intent and murderThis was announced at a press conference by Detective Superintendent Ben Ewart. on Sunday evening.

Paramedics found Burton and 17-year-old with knife wounds and first help from members of in public When they arrived at the scene, Det Supt Ewart said, praising the witnesses’ “outstanding efforts” to help victims.

All initial data indicate attack took place “spontaneously” and “unplanned,” he said, lamenting that “both victims should returned home this morning after the night out with friends”.

Tribute to Burton, relative of rage, who made emotional plea to the end of the knife crime on Sunday morning.

“My cousin was killed last night, stabbed in neck”, double world heavyweight champion said on social media. “It gets funny when idiots carry knives. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

“[The] Great Britain government need to bring higher sentencing for knife crime is a pandemic and you don’t know how bad it is not yet one of your own.”

“Life is very precious and can be taken away very quickly. enjoy every moment. RIP RICO BURTON. God bless you good place in heaven. See you soon”.

Burton, who won two national boxing titles himself, fighting as a junior, has been described as “probably one of in best we’ve ever seen” one of his former trainers.

“He was an absolute talent,” said Sean Egan. of Jimmy Egan Boxing Academy, where Burton is said to have trained until his teens.

“He was such a nice guy, he was hard worked and had great meaning of humor,” Mr. Egan told reporters. Manchester Evening News.

“What happened just horrible. He was just a great guy. To hear that he has died like it’s destructive.”

Specialist Police Officers supporting both families, said Det Supt Yuart, who told reporters that he could not confirm whether the perpetrators were known to the victims.

“This is without a doubt a meaningless attack and both victims should returned home this morning after the night out with friends,” he said.

“Goose Green is a popular night spot, busy at that time and I appeal for anyone who was there at night on Saturday 20 August or anyone with information about this incident, including photos or videos that will be posted forward.

“In particular, any friends of either victims or suspects who could be out with them that night who not arrived yet forward.

“We have stepped up police patrols. in in the area and the knife crime remains a priority for Greater Manchester Police, devastating effect of which was demonstrated this morning.”

Anyone with informationCABLE TV, photos or video of this incident please contact the police on 101 citing incident 475 of 08/21/2022 or on 0161 856 7386 or via this link. Alternatively, members of in public can inform information via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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