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Twitter would have paid billions of dollars for the Clubhouse

Based on a unique concept, a community site called Clubhouse was born last year, which quickly attracted the attention of even the largest tech companies. The essence of the platform, which is available on iOS devices and by invitation only, allows users to create a so-called club room in which people can talk about a particular topic. It’s a simple, yet creative idea, so it’s no wonder larger social sites have been interested in usage rights.

According to recent reports from Bloomberg Twitter was one of the most serious inquirers. The microblogging has been negotiating with the owners of the Clubhouse for several months over the acquisition, and the new platform would have sold out for billions of dollars. According to some, Twitter also offered $ 4 billion, but in the end the negotiations broke down and the details are unknown

Twitter has since set up its own service on a similar basis, Space, which is a trial version. currently available to a limited number of users, and the idea was clearly developed by the developers based on how Clubhouse works

In the meantime, Clubhouse is trying to take advantage of the sudden popularity. The company has launched the Clubhouse Payments service, the essence of which is that users can send financial support directly to the content producers of the platform. According to the company’s executives, this is the first opportunity to make money on the Clubhouse interface, but they are also working on additional solutions to support users.

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