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Twitter, Facebook user complaints, new panels in 3 months



The move Likely to be seen as judgment in of big tech companies.

New Delhi:

It will have committees appointed by the government power to me review content moderation decisions or removals by platforms like Twitter and Facebook, with changes To the controversy in India new He. She rules announced on On Friday, activists criticized it as an attempt to censor freedom of expression.

Change paves way for preparation up of ‘Grievance committees’, which will resolve issues that users may encounter against The way social media The platforms initially addressed their complaints about content and other matters, in Three months.

The move Likely to be seen as judgment in of big tech Companies under increased scrutiny in India since the clash between Twitter and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party last year. Activists said the tablets may mean greater government control over content online.

“Center government Must, by notification, create one or more Grievance committees within three months from its date of start of The notification said the Information Technology Amendment Rules (Broker Guidelines and Digital Media Code of Ethics) for 2022.”

Each grievance appeal committee is constituted of A president and two full-time members appointed by the center and the government of Which one He will be an ex officio member and two must be independent members.

“Anyone affected by a decision of The ombudsman may prefer to file an appeal with the grievance appeal committee within a period of time of 30 days from date of receipt of “Who is responsible for the grievances,” the statement said.

The grievance is appealed panel will make a deal with Appeal “urgently” and strive to resolve Final appeal within 30 days of its date of receipt of Appeal request.

below par rulescompanies will be required To acknowledge user complaints within 24 hours And the resolve within 15 days or 72 hours in issue of a information removal request.

advocacy group The Internet Freedom Foundation said that changes “cause injury to me digital rights of every indian social media The user’ methods are called of Appeal selection for they review “Opaque and arbitrary.”

“[The committees are] basically government censorship body That will hear the appeals against The decisions of social media removable pads content Or not, making bureaucrats rulers of our online freedom of expression ” in a permit.

“This will incentivize platforms to remove/suppress any unpalatable discourse of government Or those who exercise political pressure and increase government control and power Ago government He will be able to do it effectively also decide what content It must be displayed by the platforms” group He said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government Relationships were tense with Several big tech companies and BJP management have tightened regulations of Companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

tension over social media content decisions It was especially tricky issue in Country, with Companies often receive removal requests from government or removed content proactive.

social media companies already required to get in-house Grievance Redress Officer and line managers designated for coordination with Law enforcement officials.

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