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Twitter and YouTube request removal of body spray ad with ‘rape jokes’

Twitter and YouTube request removal of body spray ad with ‘rape jokes’

“Disrespectful towards women” I was how many on The social media Description of ads.

New Delhi:

The government I asked Twitter and YouTube to take them down Two controversial ads by a body The brand of spray that sparked widespread controversy for “contempt” content. Video is harmful to photography of women in interest of “decency or morals,” the ministry said. of Media and broadcast.

work by government Came after the Advertising Standards Board of India (ASCI) found Ads in ‘grave breach’ of their code and against public benefit.

Announcing the monitoring agency “stopped” two new Layer’r Shot Ads ‘Under investigation’ yet content It has been marked by several social media users, saying it “promotes rape”. “Disrespectful towards women” I was how many on The social media Description of inappropriate ads.

One of Controversial ads shows a young Husband in bedroom at four men – who It seems that know the man in Room – Enter without knocking. Hmm then randomly Asking a woman a rude question before proceeding to take the preserved ‘Shot’ perfume on Desk, in a sign that they were talking about spraying the whole time.

other ad features The same set of men in comfort storestanding up behind a woman. The men Then I heard you say “There are four of usbut there is only one who You will get a chance.” Then shows The woman you turn to is clearly shocked when one of they out To grab one bottle of “Shot” perfume is preserved on Rack.

The Chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission Swati Maliwal earlier tweeted in The day ads reflected ‘toxic masculinity in Its worst form.” She also She has taken up Subject with The Delhi Police and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Many actors also crticised perfume brand for Promoting the culture of gang rape with Ads are “tasteless”.

“What tasteless and incredible minds you should think of upagree and create this stink body Sprinkle ads hint “gang rape”!! Shameful,” Farhan Akhtar wrote.

Richa Chadha said both the brand and the agency that came up with Ads should To file a lawsuit for The filth they serve.”

A teenage girl was gang-raped in Hyderabad, such incidents happen daily in India .. companies like layerr_shot Choose to make TV ads joke about rape and gangs. Beyond disgusting! no just deaf accent, also criminal! Absolutely shameful! What agency did you create? Swara Bhasker tweeted.

Singer Sona Mohapatra slammed the ads, writing, “Theme – gang rape. Gagging after I saw it here on Mine twitter Chronology and the question if giving them extra publicity is the worst. “Earlier in On the same day, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting asked Twitter and YouTube to remove the videos of Ads from their own social media platforms.



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