South Korean female group TWICE is clearly enjoying their sixth anniversary month. Following the release of their first English single ‘The Feels’, the group is ready to release their third studio album. The group left an announcement towards the end of the music video, which was released on October 1, announcing their album and upcoming tour.

TWICE announce third studio album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 releasing on November 12

On October 8, TWICE’s official account announced the name of the album titled Formula of Love: O+T=Teaser images were dropped along with the release date, November 12. The pre-orders for the album begin on October 12.

Speaking about completing six years and the memories that they cherish, TWICE’s member Nayeon recently told Bollywood Hungama, “Whenever I get this question, different memories always pop up in my mind. I guess that means that there are countless moments when I felt celebrated during the last 6 years. Now, instead of looking back, I often look forward, especially to the day when I get to meet ONCE face-to-face. I have this feeling that day is not too far away now.”

Talking about the English single ‘The Feels’, Dahyun said, “Because we knew that there are ONCEs all around the world, I’ve always wanted to release a full English single. For this wonderful opportunity, we prepared with our best efforts and discussed a lot amongst our members to make the best result, so I hope ONCE will enjoy this music.”

TWICE returns on November 12 with their third studio album.

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