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Turning point in favor of Trump group paid Guilfoyle a $60,000 performance fee for his Jan. 6 performance, sources tell CNN.

The payment was announced to Gilfoyle on Monday by Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren. of California, who told CNN’s Jake Tupper that the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol had evidence that former President Donald Trump family participants benefited personally from money raised on the basis on Trump false election claims.

Lofgren spoke after committee hearing on On Monday, $250 million was released, raised by the Save America PAC and Trump. campaign. But these organizations did not pay Guilfoyle a fee, because people habitual with the payment told CNN. Payment received from Turning Point Action, an affiliate of Turning Point USA Youth organization started by Charlie Kirk, who close friend of Trump Jr.

On Tuesday, Lofgren defended her previous comments about Gilfoyle’s fee during an interview. with Wolf Blitzer, saying that she did not think she had mischaracterized the payment as it was received from part of in network associated with Trump.

“The question is whether Trump’s people are benefiting from this whole enterprise. of promotion money around the so-called theft stop,” Lofgren told Blitzer. And the answer is yes.

Neither Gilfoyle nor her attorney responded to inquiries. for comment. Turning point declined to comment.

During Monday’s hearing, the committee showed a video presentation of senior investigator lay out how Trump used false claims of electoral fraud to raise $250 million from donors. According to the investigator, the fundraising emails pointed to money will go to the polls defense fund, but the investigator said that most of all of in money was sent to Save America, the pro-Trump PAC.

Lofgren appeared on CNN soon after this presentation and disclosed the payment to Guilfoyle as an example of “fraud”. Tupper asked if the committee had found “Evidence that Trump and his family “personally benefited” from donations.”

“For example, we know what Gilfoyle got paid for the introduction she gave in the speech on January 6. She received compensation for Lofgren said. “I’m not saying it’s criminal, I’m saying it’s a scam.”

CNN asked chairman Benny Thompson late on Monday to clarify whether Guilfoyle had been paid. with Funds “Stop theft”.

“I didn’t say that,” Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, told CNN, adding: “It was heavily paid. out of expenses incurred from people who came to the action Stop the Steal».

Thompson noted that the payment is still public, including Trump supporters, was not aware of at that time of speech.

“The first of everyone, we think most of in public would concerned what if girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. made $60,000 for a few minutes of speech that they had no idea. She had to be paid to perform at what everyone else was coming to because they thought it was right,” he said.

EDIT: this story was updated fix the name of in organization what Gilfoyle paid for her speech on January 6, 2021


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