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Tunisian President: Infiltrators, traitors and agents who want to bring down the state

Tunisian President Kais Saied said today, Tuesday, that there are intruders, traitors and agents who want to overthrow the state, noting that immunity cannot be a tool to bypass the law, but rather a tool to ensure the independence of those who enjoy it. During his meeting with Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi and former prime ministers, he affirmed his position rejecting dialogue in the form of what happened in the past, calling for the introduction of political reforms on the background that “the current political organization and the approved method of voting led to division and disrupted the normal functioning of the state’s wheels.”

On Friday, Tunisian President Kais Saied, referring to Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi, said that he was silent on many transgressions at one time, and “and whoever thinks that he is the head of an institution or the head of the state is mistaken.”)

“Parties trying to employ the constitution”

He also added that there are parties that have tried to employ the constitution for their benefit, referring to parties working behind the scenes and changing their positions based on their interests.

He continued: “I know who stirs up the street and provokes crises, and I will not let the state fall,” noting that the prosecution had to act against the abuses that affected the head of state.

He also stressed that no last field Yield any position to turn it into a center of power or pressure to strike the country’s unity, according to what the presidency announced.

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