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Tulsa shooting latest news: Shooter bought an AR-15 hours before the killings, as Biden urges for ban on assault rifles

Shooting in Tulsa: five dead in attack on polyclinic

Police identify suspect and four victims who were killed on Wednesday in Tulsa on the campus of St. Francis Hospital.

This was announced to reporters by the head of the Tulsa police Wendell Franklin. on Thursday morning Michael Louis, the suspect wanted to kill Dr. Preston Phillips over recent back the operation and the pain he felt.

He said the suspect bought semi-automatic rifle hours before shooting took place on Wednesday afternoon, killing another doctor, receptionist and patient.

Witnesses, meanwhile, recall what happened when the gunman with rifle and pistol open fire as well as took his own life.

Officers arrived on the scene within four minutes and found a “disaster scene,” said Tulsa Police Capt. Richard Meilenberg.

Mr. Franklin praised the actions of his officers for to do what they were taught, “to act immediately without hesitation, that is exactly what our officers do.”

Others killed included Dr. Stephanie J. Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn, and a hospital. patient patient William Love.


Shooting in Tulsa: All We Are know about the hospital attack that killed four people

Read latest Details on shooting in Tulsa.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 04:50


What was the motive of the Tulsa shooter?

Police have identified the suspect of shooting and killing four people in a medical clinic in Oklahoma.

Tulsa Police Department Police Chief Wendell Franklin said that Michael Louis, who they believe also died of self-inflicted wounds, patient at the Tulsa Medical Clinic and was admitted to the facility on May 19 for back operation.

“May 31, Dr. [Preston] Phillips saw Mr Louie again for additional treatment. Yesterday, June 1st, Mr. Louis called Dr. Phillips. office again and wanting more help,” the police chief said. in statement.

Joanna Chisholm there are details.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 04:20


My daughter was killed by the shooter. Nobody of us want Republican Thoughts and Prayers

” fight for reasonable gun the law was thwarted by Republican lawmakers in pockets of in gun the lobby is all cowards who offer only the usual “thoughts and prayers” or tell public that now is not the time to talk about gun control,” writes Andy Parker, whose daughter was killed in shooting.

Read the rest of his Independent Part of the opinion of the voice on what needs to be done to stop future tragedy.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 03:50


Police clear bomb threat at shooter in Tulsa home

“There were no devices found” Muskogee police spokeswoman Lynn Hamlin said.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 03:20


Investigators finished with scene of Tulsa shooting

Forensics and homicide detectives have completed their inspection. crime scene of Mass shooting on Wednesday at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The violence was limited to one floor, which housed the orthopedic department, where the doctor Preston Phillips worked. who performed back operation on accused shooter.

“He accused Dr. Phillips for persistent pain after surgery,” said the Tulsa police chief. on Thursday.

Officials overturned St. Francis’ healthcare system back over to hospital administrators.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 02:50


Oklahoma was first state to ban red flag laws in 2020

Many pay new checking in Oklahoma gun laws after the Tulsa shooting.

Some point to decision made in from 2020 to sign nation first and apparently only a bill containing “red flag” provisions that allow the authorities to seize weapons of persons recognized by the court danger to yourself or others.

“Laws with red flags will bypass our laws, depriving American citizens of of their right to due process under the law. How veteran and an American, I could never let that happen,” said State Representative Jay Steagall, author of bill, said when the law was signed.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 02:20


Witness in Tulsa shooting also linked to Buffalo massacre

Lachelle Nathan is now touched by two different mass shootings that rocked America. in recent weeks.

She was in the hospital in Tulsa on Wednesday for doctor’s appointment when shooting started out.

“It’s terrible, it’s sad. My daughter-in-law from Buffalo, so now he’s so close to home. It’s not even safe if you come outside more you know? she told CNN affiliate KTUL.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 01:50


Shooting in Tulsa: 911 call came during a hospital video chat

911 call which made the police rush to stop the hospital shooting in Tulsa came from outside of in the building, according to officials.

Somebody on video call with doctor in the hospital was eventually one who warned first rescuers on fire around 17:00 on Wednesday, according to the city’s police chief.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 01:30


“What the hell are you waiting for for?’: Jerry Nadler criticized the Republican colleagues for In action on guns

Congressman Jerry Nadler delivers fiery message for his colleagues who think it’s ‘too soon after recent gunfights in Buffalo, Uvalde and Tulsa to discuss changing laws: “What the hell are you waiting for? for?

See New York Democrat’s full remarks below are welcomed on downtown Giffords, gun reform group.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 01:10


American schools and public places have become “battlefields” says Biden in call for action on gun violence

President Joe Biden spoke with plea for action on gun violence on Thursday when the nation recovers from the flood of mass shootings, including horrific murders in New York and Texas.

The President spoke live Thursday night as members of Senate on break, get together to discuss possible compromise legislation in response to shocking scenes of the massacre that unfolded in the supermarket and elementary school over in past few weeks.

Even those executions, no matter how nightmarish they may be, risk getting into memory currently in in face of the violence unleashed in days after these attacks in Uvalde and Buffalo, including hospital shooting in Tulsa and high school in Los Angeles.

“Too many other schools, too many other everyday places that have become killing places, battlefields here in America,” Biden said. on Thursday from the White House.

John Bowden there are details.

Josh MarkusJune 3, 2022 00:51

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