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Truss Appoints Rees-Mogg as Head of Energy in cabinet of horror of climate activists

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who once blamed high energy prices on “alarmism about climate change” appointed energy secretary in Liz Truss new office to everyone’s dismay of environmental activists.

Climate activists and opposition politicians have described the appointment of the Conservative MP as secretary of state for businessenergy and industrial strategy as “deeply disturbing”.

Mr Rees-Mogg won’t take on short of minister for climate after pressure from Conservative MPs, with Graham Stewart appointed minister for climate in in business department. No. 10 planned give Mr. Rees-Mogg brief as part of his new role as business secretary.

But Mr. Rees-Mogg, who has a previously pronounced climate and net-zero skeptical views, but lead department responsible for countries strategy reach net zero emissions by the middle century.

“Not government this is remotely serious about the fight against dual climate and nature in emergencies would even consider putting in Jacob Rees-Mogg in accusation of it’s a portfolio,” said Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton pavilion. “He’s the worst possible worst case candidate possible moment”.

IN 2013, in article written forTelegraph Mr Rees-Mogg questioned climate concerns, saying: “It is widely accepted that carbon dioxide emissions have increased, but effect on climate remains a lot of controversy while computer the simulations that have been done to date have not proven to be particularly accurate.”

Although this was almost a decade ago, earlier this year Mr Rees-Mogg said that Boris Johnson government wanted “each last drop” of oil and gas from the North Sea, ignoring warnings that a new push for fossil fuels would ruin the UK’s chances of achievement net zero by 2050.

2050 is a long year way off,” Mr Rees-Mogg told LBC at the time. “We are not trying to be net zero tomorrow. Went to need fossil fuel in intermediate”.

Cabinet minister also described the idea of the reopening of hydraulic fracturing sites is “a very interesting opportunity.”

“Put somebody who recently suggested “each last drop’ of oil should be retrieved from the North Sea in accusation of energy policy deeply worried for anyone concerned about the worsening climate emergency, addressing cost-of-living crisis and saving our fuel bills down for good”, said the friends. of Earth head of political affairsDave Timms.

Liz Truss first speech like prime minister in full

Ed Miliband, shadow secretary of state for climate change and net zero for labor, said: “We need energy secretary for 2020s, not 1820s. But everything Jacob Rees-Mogg said on energy stuck in in past”.

“If ministers acted on Rees-Mogg’s views then Britain would even more facing skyrocketing energy bills this winter, more dependent on expensive fossil fuels and even less prepared to deal with the climate crisis.”

Ed Matthew, campaigns director in the independent climate change think tank E3G, said: “Business Secretary who does not understand that we in in the middle of green energy revolution or what is it best way bring down electricity bills and generate economic growth would leave business community in complete despair.

“The only exceptions will be oil and gas producers and Vladimir Putin,” he said. added.

Mrs Truss appointed former Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, who has been widely observed by the climate policy bore like sound on net zero as its chancellor offers environmentalists some hope that there might be more support for net zero from the treasury.

Greenpeace echoed Ms Lucas’ criticism, calling Mr Rees-Mogg “the most last human” who should to be in accusation of energy brief.

“It will either be a massive own goal for Trace’s efforts to combat cost of life crisis or Rees-Mogg will have to go through the steepest learning curve in history when he grabs with Problems facing our country,” said Rebecca Newsom, head of politics for Greenpeace UK.

Tessa Khan, founder and director of Uplift, what campaigns for a just and a fossil-fuel-free UK said Mr Rees-Mogg would oppose with reality This week.

Until now, he has been free to believe and say what he wants, but the responsibility for delivery of an affordable offer of energy in the country now lies right on his shoulders,” she said.

Independent contacted Mr. Rees-Mogg team for comment.

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