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Trump told the court that the classified documents should expected in presidential records found in Mar-a-Lago

Submission, his final written legal argument before critical Thursday’s hearing admitted it was classified material was found in Mar-a-Lago, but claimed it was should did not have cause for anxiety and should did not result in a search of Trump’s residence in Florida earlier this month.

Consider investigation as politically motivated given Trump’s potential run as the 2024 candidate, he scoffed at the idea that the Justice Department could be “trusted with a responsibility of appreciating his unjustified persecution of criminalization former Presidential possession of personal and presidential records in safe installation.

The Department of Justice stated in lawsuits that the search was undertaken after the FBI developed evidence that Trump team hid materials after receiving all secret materials was converted over in June.

“Supposed Justification for dedication of this is criminal the probe was the alleged discovery of sensitive information contained in 15 boxes of “Presidential records,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. “But this” discovery “was quite expected, given the very nature of Presidential records. Simply put, the notion that presidential records would contain confidential information should Never was cause for anxiety.”

Trump’s lawyers argue that under the Presidential Records Act should followed up with a good efforts of faith to secure recovery of presidential records, instead of referring to criminal request to the Department of Justice.

In messages on his social media true social platform on On Wednesday, Trump said he had declassified everything of the documents in photo.

Trump told the court that the classified documents should expected in presidential records found in Mar-a-Lago

“Terrible way FBI during the raid of Mar-a-Lago, scattered documents all over the place over in floor (probably pretending I did it!), Trump wrote, and then began taking pictures of them for in public see. Thought they wanted are they kept secret? Fortunately, I declassified!”

photoshowever, not show Top secret information only the title page for secret documents, and there is no evidence that the documents were in fact declassified.

There is also no links in 19-page application filed on Wednesday for declassification. AT one passage, Trump’s lawyers write that the Justice Department document on Tuesday included a photograph of of “supposedly classified materials.”

Dueling court papers in a civil lawsuit that Trump filed earlier this month as part of of his attempt to getspecial master” assigned to review documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago. federal prosecutors to oppose this request, stating that it would interfere with the current criminal community investigation and intelligence review of Any national security risks and want claim rejected.

If a special be appointed master, Trump’s statement argued that “it would be appropriate for in special the master must have security clearance “Top Secret/SCI” — implicit recognition of marking of the highest level of classification on the documents.

Hearing set for Thursday at 13:00 ET.

Trump wants copies of seized documents and unedited affidavits, lawyers say

legal team said government should provide both special master and trump himself with copies of in materials The FBI got it.

former The president also looking for a copy of search warrant and unedited copy of in materials used to obtain it, which will include the affidavit that was published last a week in edited form.

“Government should provide special master and k Movant copy of Seized materials, copy of search warrant and unedited copy of basic application materials,” the statement said.

The Justice Department argued that releasing the unredacted affidavit to the public would harm the federal investigation into the documents, which is ongoing, including the identification of witnesses. One of Trump’s lawyers have suggested in TV interview that team wanted to find out identifies of witnesses in probe.

The Ministry of Justice has also previously pushed back against Trump’s assertion that prosecutors maliciously transformed the dispute over toothless presidential records law in full blown up criminal the study.

Prosecutors said on Tuesday in the court’s statement that “this investigation is not limited to efforts to recover improperly stored presidential records.” They cited a search warrant that the judge approved after finding probable cause of Espionage Law Violations, criminal handling skills of government records and obstacles of justice.

Further pressing back on Trump story, prosecutors indicated out that the federal mistreatment law they cite of government reports specifically make it crime hide or delete “Presidential records”.

Hearing on Thursday over special master and filtering process

Trump sued early last a week — 14 days after the execution of the search warrant — claiming that his constitutional rights had been violated in Search. He demanded that special master to be appointed to review in materials captured by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago. BUT special master thirdparty advocate who appointed by the courts in in some situations—often during searches of lawyers’ offices— review evidence received government and filter out privileged materials what should keep out of arms of investigators.

After Trump’s original lawsuit was deemed to be missing several key of the legal elements, the judge assigned to the case, Trump-appointed Judge Eileen Cannon, asked for his lawyers to complement him with additional information last Friday. On Saturday she said in the order she was inclined to issue special master, but first consider legal actions in response to the request and hear arguments on it on Thursday.
Trump Lawyers face examination over level of cooperation with Ministry of Justice on secret documentsTrump Lawyers face examination over level of cooperation with Ministry of Justice on secret documents

The Department of Justice claimed in application on Tuesday for an appointment special master would be both “unnecessary” and move it would interfere criminal probe, and risk intelligence assessment community. Prosecutors argued that Trump failed overcome procedural thresholds required in making a request.

The Justice Department said Trump’s script… one mainly concentrated on dubious claims of executive privilege – very different from situations where special masters were usually appointed. In these cases materials subject to attorney-client privilege main anxiety.

Prosecutors had previously told the court that “the limited set of materials”potentially covering attorney-client privileges have been reinstated in Search. Department of Justice internal filter team It has already finished his work of separation of those materials from what was shared with investigators, said the department on Tuesday, and the rest of documents have already have been verified by agents working on a business.

Trump criticized the Justice Department’s internal filtering process, which was approved by U.S. Judge Bruce Reinhart when he signed off on order in beginning of August. This process “provides the filter privilege check group with almost unlimited freedom of action in settlement of potential privilege disputes,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

He said that the Department of Justice had outlined three ways in which the filter team will deal with privileged materials was not enough to protect the significant interests of Movant, and it is not surprising that of this application Privilege Check Group made no attempt to contact Movant’s counsel regarding his decision or results of privilege review.”

Innings also set forward new detail in how in special master should act – details that were missing from his original movement last week and follow-up submission that was made last Friday at the request of the judge.

Trump’s submission presented himself as a reasonable actor in in events leading up look for, describing the months that it team put off in government Russia’s efforts to obtain record how “standard give-and-take between former Presidents and (National Archives and Records Administration) regarding the maintenance of the Presidential Library.”

The FBI paid a visit to Mar-a-Lago to obtain documents. in agenda, were in According to Trump, he “literally allowed Justice Department lawyers and FBI investigators to come to him.” home and give safety advice.

Read Trump’s Wednesday night statement here.

This story was updated with additional details.

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