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Trump special main hearing: DOJ, Trump facing off in court


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Lawyers for ministry of justice and former President Donald Trump in federal court here Thursday afternoon arguing over be the judge should appoint special master review materials The FBI seized from the Trump residence in Mar-a-Lago and club last month.

U.S. District Judge Eileen M. Cannon signaled over the weekend she was inclined to designate special master but instructed government present your case against naming one in serve ahead of hearing.

Journalists are present for hearing, but according to rules of the court cannot send updates while it is under implementation.

Trump and the Mar-a-Lago Papers: A Chronology

In a scathing response to Trump’s request late Tuesday evening, the Justice Department said that special no master needed, and an unprecedented FBI search of a former presidential home was justified. The document claimed that Trump and his advisers repeatedly failed turn over highly classified government documents even after receiving a subpoena and an application for a “thorough search”, leading to the August 8 raid, which found more over 100 additional classified items.

Trump team accused the Justice Department of act politically in its investigation into former presidential possible mishandling of secret documents after he left White House. Their legal documents state that government seized documents to which he is not entitled, and that the neutral outside an expert can sift material as well as set besides that should be protected from government review because of privilege.

“Three weeks after the unprecedented, unnecessary and unlawful raid on in home of president – and possibly candidate against in current Executive Director in 2024″, legal team wrote in filing on Wednesday evening, “The government … has filed an emergency document with this court, assuming that the Department of Justice, and only the Department of Justice, should be trusted with a responsibility of appreciating his unjustified persecution of criminalization former Presidential possession of personal and presidential records in safe installation.

Department of Justice Statement points to legal danger for Trump, Bobb and Corcoran, experts say

After listening to the arguments on Thursday afternoon Cannon could issue decree of bench. She is also could rule after, in writing.

The Justice Department told Cannon that his “filter team” review of potentially privileged documents already complete.

Chris Kise, newest addition to Trump’s legal team team and former Florida lawyer general was formally added as co-counsel to former the president in submission of documents on Thursday morning and joined other lawyers in courtroom ahead of hearing.

Kise signed a multi-million dollar contract with join Trump teamaccording to people habitual with rental, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive issues of Trump case.

people Kise said, who left law firm Foley and Lardner take on the job with trump, assurances were given that he would take “lead” role in a business.

Josh Dawsey and Ann Marimov contributed to this report.

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