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Trump says 15 records of Mar-a-Lago, including requests for clemency, belong to him.


Former President Donald Trump claims that records, such as requests for clemency that were kept in Mar-a-Lago, are his personal files. property and should not be transferred back to the federal government- said the Ministry of Justice. in trial late Thursday evening.

The application concerns only the dispute over 15 documents, but this demonstrates a potential legal burden given that there are about 22,000 of them. total to review. Later Thursday, Trump said the department’s log was inaccurate. on On Friday, he filed an application pointing to seven documents in which he said the Justice Department misrepresented nature of disagreements between the parties.

Special Master Raymond Dirie reviews Trump’s claims of executive privilege over documents taken from former Presidential Florida home in August.

Six of the documents described by the Justice Department are clemency requests received by Trump when he was president. Two papers deal with immigration and border control laws, presidential powers and initiatives prosecutors said.

One document is a “printed email message from a person in one of in military academy in the name of the President in his official potential about the academy sports program and its connection with fighting spirit. The message refers at least to “ceremonial duties of the president, if not his commander-in-Main Powers”, submission says.

Trump team classified them as personal records, while the federal government says these are presidential records – they do not belong to Trump and cannot be protected by Trump. with any claim to executive privilege. On Friday, Trump told Dear that he stands for executive privilege. over three of documents that have been identified as pardons materials.

Dear previously said in telephone call with parties he had trouble with how Trump could claim that some documents were both private and protected by the executive branch. Four entries in this category is among thursdays list of fifteen.

Trump’s lawyers responded that the Justice Department report of 15 documents were ‘not entirely accurate’ and what they plan to file full response on Monday. However, Dear instructed Trump team what’s the deadline for This submission was on Friday.

Trump team and the Department of Justice will continue work through a lot of 22000 entries over next month, and Darling set make decisions by mid-December.

This story was updated with additional developments.

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