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Trump returns to Washington to give speech on crime

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former President Donald Trump will return to Washington on Tuesday for in first time since leaving officemaking a speech on crime in front of an allied think tank that sets the agenda for a possible second term.

Trump will speak at a two-day America First Agenda Summit hosted by the America First Policy Institute as some advisers urge him to do so. spend more time to talk about your vision for in future and less time to reconsider the 2020 elections. as he prepares to announce the expected White House in 2024 campaign.

“I believe it will be very policy- focused, forward- very slanted speech like State of Union 5.0,” said Brooke Rollins, President of AFPI. Consists of former Trump administration officials and their allies, this non-profit organization is widely regarded as an “administrative in waiting”, which can quickly move to the west wing if trump run again as well as win.

Trump’s appearance in Washington is his first travel back from January 20, 2021when President Joe Biden was sworn in office — against the background of the fact that its potential rivals in 2024 are becoming more outspoken. steps to challenge his status as a partyx standard-carrier. These include former vice president Mike Pence, who advertises his own “Freedom Agenda” in speeches that serve as implicit contrast with Trump.

“A little people can focus on in the past, but I believe that conservatives should focus on in future. If we do this, we won’t just win in next elections, we’ll change course of American history for generationsPence was about to say. in performance at the Heritage Foundation in Washington on the day before of Trump’s visit. Pence’s appearance was postponed because of bad weather, but on Tuesday morning he will give his speech to the Young America Foundation near the AFPI meeting.

Trump spent a lot of his time since departure office fixed on the 2020 election and spreading lies about his defeat to sow doubts about Biden’s victory. Indeed, even when the Committee on January 6 exposed his desperate and potentially illegal attempts remain in power and his refusal call off violent crowd of his supporters when they tried to stop the peaceful crossing of powerTrump continued to try to pressure officials to reverse Biden’s decision. win despite the lack of legal ways to revoke a certificate past elections.

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On Tuesday he plans concentrate on public safety.

“President Trump sees the nation in decline what they are carrying in part, by rising crime and communities are becoming less safe because of the Democrats’ policies,” his spokesman, Taylor Budovic, said. “His performance will highlight policy failures of Democrats laying down out vision of America first for public safety this will definitely determine issue in the interim and thereafter.

After Summit, America First Policy Institute Staff Lay Their Own Foundation for in future”manufacturing sure we have a policy personnel and the process is nailed down for each key agency when we take the white house back”, Rollins said.

non-profit developed, she said, from trying avoid chaotic early days of Trump first term when he arrived at the White House unprepared, with No clear plans ready to deliver in place. While Trump ran for re-election, Rollins, then head of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council Starts Outlining out a second-term agenda with colleagues from the administration, including higher economic policy adviser Larry Kudlow and national Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.

When did it become clear Trump will leave the White House, she said, AFPI was created to continue this work ”is organized around this second term agenda that we never published.”

organization once dismissed as landing zone for ex-Trump administration officials shut out of more lucrative job, grew into a hippopotamus, with en operating budget of about $25 million and 150 employees, including 17 former senior White House officials and nine former Cabinet members.

group also It has more than 20 policy centers and tried to expand its influence beyond Washington with attempts to influence local legislatures and school boards. American Leadership Initiative, led by former head of office of Human Resources Management, Michael Rigas, launched a few weeks ago to define future personnel loyal to Trump and his America First approach who may be hired as part of great efforts to replace large swaths of civil service, as recently reported by Axios.

group is one of several Trump-allied organizations that continued to promote his policies in his absence, including America First Legal, dedicated to fighting Biden’s agenda through a court systemcenter for America’s Renewal and the Conservative Partnership Institute.

The summit aims to highlight the AFPI America First Agenda centered around 10 key policy areas, including economy, health and safety elections. It includes many of Trouble with Trump’s signature like continuing build a wall along the southern border and a plan for “dismantling the administrative state”.

In his speech on Monday former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose “Contract with America” ​​was enrolled with assistance to the Republicans in the 1994 midterm elections, praised these efforts as key to future GOP victory.

“American people want solutions,” he said.

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