Trump repeats the request for ‘special master’ but embellishes over some questions from the judge

Trump was ordered to file after U.S. District Judge Eileen Cannon, the Florida judge assigned to his case, sought special master, revealed several shortcomings in his initial request on Monday for more oversight for FBI review of seized evidence.

in new On Friday night, Trump pointed to some additional legal discussions of case law, which he says supports his request. One of these cases had to do with his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani. nowhere in Trump suggested in the filing that material a business with attorney-client privilege has been withdrawn in FBI search of his spa.

new answer was incomplete of the development that Cannon was looking for. Trump did not elaborate on what exactly was he hoping for? special host – third -party lawyer — will filter outIn addition to general allusions to “privileged and potentially privileged materials.”

He also did not include with filing an application for immediate action by the referee — like request for temporary restraining order or preliminary injunctive relief – notwithstanding the judge’s request that he set out to her “the exact remedy sought, including any request for injunction pending resolution of traffic.”

Trump said the newly released redacted affidavits submitted by the FBI in court for a warrant for search picked up”more questions than answers.

“The redacted affidavit highlights why this petition should be given, since it almost does not give information it would be allow Movant to understand why the raid took place or whatever was taken from it home”Trump wrote. on innings.

Registration follows release of redacted affidavit

Trump’s Friday performance is here hours after the Department of Justice printed the redacted version of the affidavit he used to obtain the warrant, which he put out new details about the FBI investigation and highly classified nature of secret material which was previously retrieved from the Palm Beach, Florida resort.

In her order in Trump challenge to the search, Cannon said former The president’s lawyers will clarify on their arguments for why does the court have ability to step in at this time, explain exactly what Trump is asking for and clarify whether it was handed over to the Ministry of Justice with Trump special movement master.

Cannon, nominated by Trump, was not alone in discovering that original Monday’s proposal was missing some legal elements one expect with request like in one Trump did.

Several lawyers have questioned the seriousness of Trump’s efforts in court after the initial filing on Monday.

For one, Trump waited two weeks after Mar-a-Lago was raided on Aug. 8 to formally petition the court step in. And in his application on Monday there was no such of a motion, such as a petition for a preliminary injunction or a request for a temporary restraining order, that would result in prompt action by the court.

Discussion of Trump’s legal arguments for why the judge had the authority to grant his request was subtle. A lot of of filing on Monday instead was filled with politically biased rhetoric. Among other things, Monday’s complaint boasted of Trump’s 2024 vote results, paraphrasing his complaints. with FBI investigation into Trump and Russia in 2020 and repeated full text of “message” Trump allegedly tried to convey through his lawyers to Attorney General Merrick Garland about the “angry” mood in the country in after the raid.

What did the department say how he considers the evidence of Mar-a-Lago

Trump new try to fix his bet for a special Master came after just issued affidavit made public new details about how The Department of Justice launched a search. When requesting a warrant, the FBI told the court that it planned to send to Mar-a-Lago “privileged review team” of agents along with agents working on investigation. privilege review team will be charged of searching the room referred to as “Office 45” and “spend review of withdrawn materials”from there” to identify and separate documents or data containing potentially privileged attorney-client information.”

Affidavit pledged out procedure privilege review team would use filter out materials containing privileged information. If the privilege review team considered that the document received might be a privilege, they either asked for court review whether it was privileged; work with potential privilege holder on determining whether it is privileged, including, if necessary, by going to court review; or postpone the trial until materials were hidden from investigators working on a business.

“If at some point law enforcement agencies personnel assigned to the investigation, subsequently identify any data or documents that they believe may be potentially confidential to the attorney and the client, they will terminate the investigation. review of such identified data or documents and refer to materials to the privilege checking group for farther review Privilege Review Group,” the FBI said. in his submission to U.S. Justice of the Peace Bruce Reinhart, who authorized the search.

In a sworn letter, the FBI stated that it found 184 secret documents in this is review of 15 cases from Mar-a-Lago in January.

“Next there is probable cause believe that additional documents containing secret [National Defense Information] or which are presidential records subject to record retention requirements currently remain IN THE PREMISES,” the sworn letter says. “There is also probable cause believe this proof of obstacle will found in room”.

This story was updated with additional details.


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