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Trump news today latest: ex-president says Musk wont buy Twitter on ‘ridiculous price’ as Pence backs Gov. Kemp

Biden mocks Trump by calling him great MAGA King’ in speech on economy

As Donald Trump’s pick nominee David Perdue struggles to gain momentum in Georgia Governor’s Primary Pick, Mike Pence announced he will visit the state to receive out in vote for incumbent Brian Kemp – Republican who refused to bow to Trump’s insistence that the state stolen by Joe Biden in 2020.

Meanwhile, a special commission investigating the incident on January 6 attack on The US Capitol sent a subpoena to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and four other GOP lawmakers. who close allies of Donald Trump: Reps Jim Jordan of Ohio, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Andy Biggs of Arizona and Moe Brooks of Alabama. Everyone was given the opportunity to volunteer give certificate.

& Department of Now justice is investigating former President Trump or anyone of his aides violated federal law by mishandling classified documents that ended up in Mar-a-Lago instead of in national archives at the end of his term.

On Friday, former the president shared some thoughts on Elon Musk plans buy Twitter that says the billionaire won’t pay a “ridiculous amount”. price’ for platform as it is basically “BOTS or spam accounts”.


Trump says Elon Musk will not buy Twitter in such a “ridiculous price’

Donald Trump says Elon Musk will not buy Twitter on “such a ridiculous price” after the billionaire announced he suspended his $44 billion purchase of Platform.

Tesla boss says he “remains committed” to buying Twitter, but the deal on keep until he has collected more information about spam and fake accounts on Platform.

Mr Musk vowed to let Mr Trump back onto the platform as soon as he took control of it, but one-term the president questioned on what ever happened in a post on his own social platform Truth.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 13, 2022 17:55


ICYMI: Trump-supporting Netflix could come to you way

Custom made social media platform (though besieged one) everything is very good, but Donald Trump now seems to be pursuing another venture provide “shelter” for president fans: The right alternative to Netflix.

Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) is recruiting for in new venture. In the ad posted on Wednesday, group announced that a streaming service called TMTG+ will be a “Big Tent platform” offering large-scale entertainment based on in free speech.”

This is added that “in addition to the Truth Social social media platform, our SVOD [Subscription Video on Demand] the TMTG+ platform will become home for a wide variety of without a script, with a script and original content”.

Sravasti Dasgupta It has more.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 13, 2022 17:37


Trump has thoughts on Elon Musk’s intention buy Twitter

Former President Donald Trump retreated into himself social media website, Pravda Sots. share some thoughts on Elon Musk’s intention buy Twitter.

He wrote (really?): “No way Elon Musk is going buy Twitter is at such a ridiculous price, especially since realizing that this is a company largely founded on bots or spam accounts. Fake anyone?

former the President continued: “By the time you get rid of of them, if at all possible, what do you have? A little? if not for ridiculous breakup fee of a billion dollars, Elon already long gone. This is just my opinion, but Truth Social is MUCH better than Twitter and it is absolutely explosive, incredible engagement!”

Musk has previously said that allow Mr Trump back on Twitter, where he has been blocked since January 6, 2021. Earlier today, Mr. Musk said that his purchase of microblogging social media the site wason keep” until review was held in how there were many bots and spam accounts on Platform.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 13, 2022 17:26


Clams Kevin McCarthy up…

After being subpoenaed by a select committee on January 6, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appears to be acting out of character during the day. on Capitol Hill:

Andrew NoteyMay 13, 2022 17:15


Musk insists Twitter sale is still ongoing on

Elon Musk tweeted shares into the dive with late night tweet saying he puts pause on his plans to buy out company while he was evaluating its grades of how many accounts are fake or spam.

Since then, however, he has sought to appease down:

Mr Musk repeated that he like to see Donald Trump’s Twitter account restored though former the president saidfor now) what he intends remain on his own platform, problem-struck Social Truth.

Andrew NoteyMay 13, 2022 16:45


Lindsey Graham says he was “wrongto offer Biden should be president on January 6

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was not flattered by the recent release. of audio recordings after the January 6 riots on which he says is Donald Trump’s responsibility for in events of day and said that Joe Biden would “perhaps best man to have” in White House.

Now Mr. Graham is gone back on his comments, telling Fox News host Jesse Watters that he was “wrong with Mr. Biden.

“I knew Joe for 30 years. He is a good guy, but he failed as president,” he said. “No one is afraid of Joe Biden abroad, and in home his policy is failing.”

Eric Garcia It has story.

Andrew NoteyMay 13, 2022 16:16


Pence breaks with Trump in Governor of Georgia race

Donald Trump endorser in Georgia Governor Race David Perdue, failed sadly to catch up with incumbent Republican Brian Kemp. And with in vote set for May 24, Mr. Kemp attracted prominent supporter of his own: Mike Pence.

While Mr. Pence did not directly condemn Mr. Trump for through his actions since the 2020 election, Mr. Trump has essentially out including him on a future presidential ticket. For his part, Pence continued schedule of speeches and campaign speeches across the country, prompting some speculation that he might opt ​​for the president if Mr. Trump does not or cannot run.

Andrew NoteyMay 13, 2022 15:29


Report: Trump Justice Department subpoenaed reporter’s phone records

It turned out that under the Trump administration, the Department of of Justice issued a subpoena for telephone records of investigative reporter studying him family separation policy on the US border.

Journalist in the question was The keeperStephanie Kirchgessner, and the newspaper itself is clearly not made aware of the summons at the time of its issuance.

Gino Spocchia It has news.

Andrew Notey13 May 2022 15:00


Hillbilly Elegy director ‘surprised’ by JD Vance’s far right turn

Ron Howard, who led the widely criticized movie fixture of Memories of J.D. Vance of Appalayan cultural dysfunction, Hillbilly Elegy, says he is surprised by the embrace of the candidate of Donald Trump and the Hardcore Right politics.

“I always knew he was conservative [he] seemed to me very centre-right, sort of of moderate thinker, director said in interview with in Hollywood Reporterreflecting also what movie he directed “it was never intended that he headed in in direction of politics”.

Around the same time, his well-received book elevated him to national fame, Mr. Vance was a merciless critic of Donald Trump, whom he warned that he could become “American Hitler” and called him the political equivalent of violently addictive opiates that have ruined lives in in region where did he grow up up. But by then of this yearIn the primary election for the Ohio State Senate, Mr. Vance turned into an ardent Trumpist and militant cultural activist.

Read more from Abe Asher below.

Andrew NoteyMay 13, 2022 14:30


ICYMI: Prosecutors Check Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Documents

The Department of Justice launched an investigation how several boxes of official Trump administration documents, some of they are classified found them way in Mar-a-Lago instead of apply over to the National Archives as required in accordance with the law.

Under federal law, all records created during term were property of United States and should were transferred to the archive by the time he left office on January 20, 2021

The investigation aims to establish how boxes of documents were transported to Florida, who was responsible for boxing them upif anyone knew it was secret material He was taken out of White House in a way it was indecent and how they were saved in Florida, according to The newspaper “New York Times.

Andrew Feinberg and Gustav Kilander there is story.

Andrew NoteyMay 13, 2022 14:00

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