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Trump news Today: GOP Senators Target Abortion Protesters as Ex-President Sells D.C. Hotel

Biden mocks Trump by calling him great MAGA King’ in speech on economy

Like a row over draft decision of the Supreme Court to set aside Rowe vs. Wade continues, hardline Republican senators demand that anti-abortion protesters should be arrested if they demonstrate outside justices’ homes.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton who notorious on in government to send in troops” during the 2020 anti-racist protests, stated that “any protest against home should be arrested on on the spot by federal law enforcement.” His colleague Marsha Blackburn of Meanwhile, Tennessee stated that the officers “should drag everything of these people down to the police station.”

In their arguments, both senators referred to a law passed during the Red Menace. of 1950s.

Meanwhile, the Trump Organization announced sale of along-term rent of Trump International Hotel in Washington, who was chosen up by CGI Merchant Group of Miami for 375 million dollars.

Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue served as a symbol of Influence of Donald Trump with politicians and other figures who gathered there, but also attracted multiple charges of corruption, from questions over This use at the time of the inauguration in 2017, fears that bills paid by foreign delegations staying there might violate the constitution’s remuneration provisions.


Senators round on Supreme Court protesters

While many Republicans stay out of the scandal over protests outside Supreme Court justices’homes, referring to the First Amendment protection of the right to protest, some more hardline members jump in with both legs.

Among them are Marsha Blackburn, who said far right network Newsmax that the protesters should be arrested for section 1507 violation of United States criminal the code that makes it crime for anyone to the “picket or parade in or near building court placement of United States or in or near building or place of residence occupied or used by judges or justices.

“They are should drag everything of these people down to the police headquarters. They are should book them for violation of federal law,” she said, accusing the protesters of trying to “change the result of Supreme Court decision” on “force or intimidation.”

Andrew Feinberg It has story.

Andrew Notey12 May 2022 15:40


Republican row over Ukraine help

Marjorie Taylor Green and other hardcore members of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives left on anything of rampage against USA support for Ukraine, complaining that money goes to fight Russia is better spent on home.

But others in the ranks are not surprised – and Ms. Green latest tirade met with a harsh response to her ideological antithesis, Adam Kinzinger.

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 15:10


Poll: Will Trump be allowed? back on Twitter?

As soon how did it become clear Elon Musk was serious about buying Twitter, which immediately raised the possibility that the self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” would allow Donald Trump back to the platform.

Mr Musk, who still in process of purchase social media network said decision block trump in January 2021 was “morally bad” and “a mistake”.

Independent seeks know opinion of your readers. Do you think Trump should allowed to return to Twitter? Vote in poll below:

Andrew Notey12 May 2022 14:45


House Republicans celebrate Tucker Carlson’s birthday and tease campaign…

NRCC, which oversees Republican activities campaign return the house of representatives, has new fundraising tactic: invite your supporters wish happy birthday to far-right fox news commentator Tucker Carlson. And more than this, this also ask them to weigh in on whether he should run for political office – pointing out that the conspiracy theorist will give a speech in Iowa this summer:

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 14:13


Report: Cathy Barnett rise makes Trump ‘nervous’ about Oz prospects

Candidate for “ultra-mage” Cathy Barnett continues her out-of- where is the splash coming from in Pennsylvania, CNN reports that Donald Trump is increasingly concerned about the consequences for his chosen candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz:

The situation has left Trump said he was “nervous about the prospects for Oz.” one trump adviser, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal.

“For past Five months later he was told that the only threat to Oz was the name David McCormick. this turn no one I saw it coming,” the adviser said.

Another person close to Trump who supported of Oz described the situation as ” nightmare”. In an interview with CNN, the man and three other Trump allies described Barnett, who received approval late Tuesday evening from social conservative groups Susan B. Anthony List and QatarVote, as well as a seven-figure investment from the Club for Growth as a major threat to both Oz and McCormick in in last stretch of in race.

Read full report here.

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 13:38


Trump Backs Biden’s Maga King Label on truth social

A tongue-in-cheek description of Joe Biden of Donald Trump as the “Great Magician King” appears when the president tries to increase up his message for mid-term elections – and it seems to have passed down well with Trump himself, at least according to his latest post on Truth on social media

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 13:00


Former US Attorney general on persecution of trump

Eric Holder, who served as US Attorney general under the Obama administration, last there was a night on MSNBC to discuss delicate issue of whether and how Donald Trump should be accused over suggested it role in in events of January 6, 2021 Mr. Holder previously raised concerns about the potential impact of bringing the Department of Justice to criminal liability of the previous president, but in his interview, he also indicated out that holding Mr. Trump accountable for his actions could have had important positive consequences.

“There is a whole range of things that I think the prosecutor should take into account before you ultimately decide to file a case,” he said. “But I think it would cause controversy here, but given nature of what are we looking at…people should be held accountable, but just most importantly, there must be a deterrent effect so people in in future we will know what if you try something like this of judged by the Trump mob, you will be held accountable, you will have to face some of serious consequences.”

Watch Mr. Holder’s performance below.

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 12:07 pm


The right continues to attack on Ukraine help

Two of most strongly right terms of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Green and Paul Gosar continue to scold against USA support for Ukraine in in face of Russian attack – referring to internal problems as an excuse for rejection of $40 billion in aid package passed by the House this week.

Also angry at amount far-right congressman from North Carolina Madison Cawthorne allocated to Ukraine, who complained that the US should spend $40 billion on its veterans – apparently unaware that budget is an more than seven times this size. Marusha Muzaffar It has story.

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 11:22 am


Dr. Oz rushes into the growing rival “ultra-Mage”

Trump supporter Dr. Mehmet Oz could be at the top of polls in The Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary, but he faces an increasingly worrisome challenge from an unlikely figure: formerly obscure far-right Katie Barnett, who the voting slot at the top is now closed of field within field of statistical error.

In response, many on the pro-Trump right is trying to vilify Ms. Barnett as much as possible in few days left before final vote. And Dr. Oz himself made appearance on Fox News yesterday at join heap-on:

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 10:50 am


Fundraising Texas AG off 2020 election conspiracy theory movie

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney general who spoke at a rally on January 6 outside White House hosts fundraiser ahead of Capitol riots for myself and for entertainment of his donors, which he arranges on screening of 2000 mulesa documentary film based on lies created by Trump supporters conservative Maven Dinesh D’Souza.

The film, which Trump himself enthusiastically praised, claims (exposed) mobile phone data proves Democrats in large-scale election rigging scam throw presidency of Joe Biden way.

Mr. Paxton facing disciplinary action by the Texas Bar over his participation in post- an election lawsuit challenging Mr. Biden’s victory; nevertheless he runs for re-elect it year with Mr Trump’s approval. By posting first in main GOP field, it will face George P. Bush, heir of presidential dynasty, in republican second round on May 24th.

Andrew NoteyMay 12, 2022 10:15 am

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