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Trump knew his Georgia election fraud statistics were wrong

Trump claims massive fraud cost him an election. Numerous investigations have shown these allegations to be unfounded.

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Detailed report of Trump’s accusations were contained in Fulton County lawsuit in December 2020. The accusations were based on what Trump’s lawyers called expert analysis of state registration and voting protocols

Election experts quickly refuted these claims. In court documents, they called the analyzes “grossly inaccurate”, “highly unreliable” and “useless”.

Now the judge found Trump knew the statistics were wrong by the time he vouched for them again a few weeks later in Atlanta federal lawsuit, which also tried to annul the presidential election in Georgia.

The decision comes in lawsuit filed by Trump’s attorney John Eastman who helped create questionable legal arguments that Vice President Mike Pence could refuse to accept Biden voters on January 6. The House Committee investigating the January 6 attacks subpoenaed emails and other correspondence from Eastman. of his investigation.

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In his lawsuit, Eastman demanded hundreds of documents were protected by attorney-client privilege or were work product of potential litigation. Chamber investigators argued that the documents used in commission of a crime are not privileged and have asked the judge review them to determine if they are should be released.

Earlier this year, Carter ruled that Eastman and Trump more most likely did not commit federal crimes during their campaign cancel the election.

In his latest Ruling Carter cited fraud statistics included in Fulton County lawsuit. He looked through the correspondence in which Eastman conveyed “concerns” from Trump team “on the inclusion of specific figures in paragraph concerning with criminals, dead, displaced, etc.” in subsequent federal lawsuit.

“Although the president signed the certification for (state court action) back on December 1st he has since made it is known that some of the allegations (and the evidence presented by the experts) were inaccurate,” Eastman wrote. “So he sign a new examination with knowledge (and incorporation by reference) will not be accurate.”

Carter noted that Trump and his lawyers eventually filed a federal complaint. with still inaccurate numbers. Trump signed the confirmation, swearing under oath that the numbers were “true and right” or “it is considered true and right” to best of his knowledge.

Carter ordered to be released of four papers based on in false Lawsuit statistics in Georgia. In his ruling, the judge states false claims were usedfor goal of delay 6 January vote”.

Carter also ordered to release of other documents to the commission for various the reasons. They must be submitted to the committee by October 28.

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