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Trump criticized Bill Barr after comments on Mar-a-Lago Reid

  • Bill Barr said the Justice Department is probably “pretty good evidence” before the raid on Mar-a-Lago.
  • He also said Trump’s request for a special the owner was “nonsense” of shit.”
  • Trump on Friday called Barr, his one-time ally, the “weak and pitiful Rino.”

Former US President Donald Trump under fire out He has one temporary ally, Bill Barr. on Friday after former advocate general defended the DOJ raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“Bill Barr didn’t have the guts and the glory. He was weak and pathetic Rino, who so afraid of being impeached for being a prisoner of radical left Democrats,” Trump tweeted. in a post on his social media Truth Social, calling Barr “a Republican in name only.”

Barr has never fought way he should have for Integrity of elections and much more. He started off Normal as AG, but fading fast – Lack of courage or stamina. People like it will never make America great again!” Trump continued.

AT second poston also criticized Barr’s appeal of a Russian investigation and “A Laptop from Hell”, allegedly a reference to the Hunter Biden case. laptop.

Barr was largely considered a staunch ally of Trump while working as his lawyer general from February 2019 to December 2020. Their relationship changed when barr came forward say the Justice Department found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud that may have affected the election results, directly contrary to Trump’s claims that the election was stolen From him. He left administration one a month to the end of Trump term.

In an interview with Fox News on On Friday, Barr dismissed arguments that the Justice Department decision to raid Mar-a-Lago was an excess.

“I personally think for they took things in current point, they probably have quite a good evidence, but it’s speculation,” Barr said.

He also rejected defense that he had declassified all the documents kept in his club and place of residence.

“I honestly doubt of It’s a statement that “I declassified everything” because, frankly, I think it’s highly unlikely, Barr said. secondif in fact he’s like of stood over scores of boxes, not really knowing what was in them, and then said: “I hereby declassify all in here” – that would be such an abuse and such recklessness that it is almost worse than taking the documents away.”

In another interview with New York Times, Barr also called Trump’s request to have special host or court-appointed outsider, review the documents of shit.”

During the Mar-a-Lago raid on According to court records, on August 8, the FBI seized highly classified documents. Ministry of Justice is investigating possible violations of laws concerning circulation of government the documents.

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