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Trump, conflict with the Department of Justice over ‘special master’ to review seized Mar-a-Lago documents

prosecutors also proposed up former federal appeals court judge Thomas Griffith appointed by George W. Bush who retired in 2020 from powerful DC circuit.

trump, on on the other hand, suggested Raymond Dirie, retired chief federal judge and Ronald Reagan appointee in Eastern District of New York who also served on Court for the Oversight of Foreign Intelligence. Expensive, who especially chaired over corruption cases against fifa officials, also signed one of warrants used by the FBI to monitor Trump in 2016 campaign assistant Carter Page.

trump lawyers also nominated for Paul Hack Jr. who seems to have significant connections with figures in Trump Orbit. former A lawyer for the Jones Day Company advised Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. in 2007-2008, served in his administration at the same time Trump current lawyer, Chris Kise, was also counseling Christa, who He was then a Republican and now a Democrat. Huck is married to Barbara Lagoa, a Trump federal appeals court judge. also counts for Supreme Court. Lagoa one of 11 judges on 11th District Court of Appeals where three judges panel is soon DOJ appeal pending of Cannon special master order.

There is another disagreement over timeline of in special master review. The Department of Justice suggested that review be completed by October 17, while Trump’s lawyers argued that it would take more how twice until then, requesting 90 days for process play out.

Cannon will now consider the proposals, as well as the Justice Department’s broader objections to special master review before deciding next steps.

Prosecutors said if she didn’t act until Thursday on their request to essentially cut out potentially classified documents from special master review, they plan to forward their request to the 11th district in Atlanta. The Ministry of Justice has also asked Cannon to raise the portion of her order on monday that temporarily prohibits investigators from viewing documents that contain the potential national-safety secrets.

So far, neither side seems to have officially rejected the other side special prime candidates, but prosecutors told Cannon that they only received Trump’s names “shortly after” 6 p.m. Friday.

main stumbling block in in special master plans paved out both sides seem to set of about 100 documents with vultures such as “Top Secret”. Due with their appeal was filed on Thursday, prosecutors request that potentially classified records be excluded from review handle special the owner will take it.

Trump’s lawyers say material should also subject to evaluation by special master, and they argue that Trump has the right to see and potentially assert executive privilege over any secret records that qualify as presidential records under federal law.

Remarkably, in Friday night filing, Trump’s lawyers one day again did not repeat Trump’s statement that he declassified of in materials he possessed in Mar-a-Lago.

One more moment of disagreement: special master account. Prosecutors say Trump should bear the entire cost as it is one who the independent referee asked. Trump team wants to be Dutch with each side payment half check.

next action in legal fight expected on Monday morning when Trump’s lawyers face deadline to respond to DOJ request for Cannon to release the tapes with classification marks from special master review. On Friday, Trump’s lawyers signaled they planned to oppose such a division.out.

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