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Trump acted under “another set of rules who refer to him’ as former President: Rep. Michael McCall

Near one a month after the FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Rep. Michael McCall, D.T., cited privileges given to Trump as former the president as an excuse for I take 15 boxes of secret documents out of White House.

“You know I lived in secret world most of my professional career, I personally wouldn’t do it. But I’m not the president of United States. But he has another set of rules that applies to him as well,” McCall told ABC News This Week co-host Martha Raddatz. who asked if he saw anything reason that Trump took highly classified materials.

“I know they were taken out of The White House when he was president, and did he declassify these documents remains to see. He says he did. I don’t have all the facts,” McCall said. who pushed for more information about the search, which will be released along with some other GOP lawmakers.

Martha pushed back by saying that Trump’s lawyer general Bill Barr found idea of Trump stands over documents and their declassification are absurd.

Raddatz also led up Soul of Joe Biden of speech of the nation in Philadelphia on Thursday, in which he was very critical of MAGA Republicans. Immediately after President McCall’s speech took on twitter, writing that “attack half of America will only further divide our country.”

Raddatz interrogated McCall on his social media statement asking, “When you look at these polls showing 60 to 70% of Republicans believe that Joe Biden is not the legitimate president, what should Biden do when the country can’t even decide what democracy is?”

McCall said that while “democracy is messy,” it is “better than all other forms of of government,” as well as also argued that if Biden’s intention with it was about bringing the American people together, it was just opposite effect.”

“And you know to say Republicans are a threat to democracy, that’s really a slap in the face in in face … you know my vote on certification and my position on what. I took oath to the Constitution, but having said this, you do not come out unite the nation,” McCall said, adding that it “was not a presidential address.”

Raddatz asked for McColl — who was former U.S. Attorney Responds to Trump’s Remarks in speech on Saturday where Trump referred to the FBI and the Department of of Justice as “vicious monsters.”

“I think that perception is something that a lot of Republicans i know see on heels of Russian investigation, Steele file,” McCall said. of Justice and the FBI, which frankly makes me sad because as a graduate of DOJ, I hate to see people’s faith in our institutions will be weakened.”

To Raddatz’s question about how lots of donald trump should be accused for in division in countries, McCall accused both political parties for recent heightened rhetoric. He made a reference to Abraham Lincoln whoa does not condemn the opponent party during this time brought them into conversation in spirit of unity, he said.

it mission that Biden should sit down on but failed do in his speech on Thursday, according to McCall. “This was campaign speech before the midterms, and that’s basically how I see it,” he said to Raddatz.

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