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‘True Colors’: MQM-P questions the ruling party’S performance

LAHORE: Showing his true colors, dominant party The leader of the MQM-P ally of Aamir Khan on Questioned Monday how they could be satisfied with Prime Minister Imran Khan when the people they were not.

Please contact news conference together with party leaders Waseem Akhtar and Chaudhry Abid in Lahore, Khan claimed that MQM-P was already concerned about rising inflation in Village.

“The doors of MQM-P are open for all. We are the government’s ally and have complaints in merit bad government against everyone, “he said.

Censoring the PPP, Khan said despite being in power for the last 15 years, the party had not brought out any development work in the province.

“The feudal mentality yes destroyed the whole system in Sindh. MQM-P continues its struggle in peaceful way “.

Khan regretted that the police resorted to shelling and batons on MQM-P workers outside the CM Home in Karachi during their “peaceful” protest. against the recently passed amendments to the Sindh Local Government Act of 2013.

“We were in favor of speaks but the government resorted to violence, “he said.

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