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Trevor Reed promises campaign against any legislators who slow legislation help detained Americans

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Jake Tupper, Reid seemed to be aiming for group of Republican House of Representatives members, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, who he said slowed down the passage of resolution last year call for his release. “I’m going to go for every one of their campaigns and thank them personally for this,” he said.

“How do you justify it? I’m embarrassed that anyone who represent the United States, vote against anything like that. I sure that the Russians liked it. I sure that they are all big fans of all of these congressmen who did it,” Reed continued. “For me, this is completely unacceptable. it’s awkward. And I’d rather not see it ever happen again to any other Americans, because I promise that I will be on every campaign that that person runs for rest of their lives to tell everyone they did it.”

Exclusive: Trevor Reed talks about his detention in    Russia and prisoner the exchange that brought him homeExclusive: Trevor Reed talks about his detention in    Russia and prisoner the exchange that brought him home

Green office did not immediately respond to a CNN inquiry for comment.

Rida’s father, Joey, expressed his disappointment with Green, as well as “her henchmen and small group of idiots.”

Also, Joey Reed, former Marine, told CNN that he also disappointed with how The Marines dealt with his son’s imprisonment.

“We haven’t heard from the Marine Corps. Not a single member of the Marine Corps. No Marine groups,” he told Tupper.

The Marines didn’t turn to the substance of Complaint by Joey Reid, but she told CNN in statement: “Trevor Reed served his country with honor as a Marine and we thank him for his service. We’re glad he’s back. home safe and wish him and him family in best when they reunite.”

Reid was sentenced to nine years in prison in July 2020 after indictment of threat to life and health of Russian policemen in old quarrel year. He and his family denied the allegations against his. Reid was eventually returned to the US as part of of a prisoner change in exchange for Konstantin Yaroshenko, Russian smuggler, convicted of conspiracy to import cocaine. The US commuted his sentence.

Behind the scenes, officials both inside and outside United States government It was for worked for Reid’s release for years.
Exchange last month one administration official told CNN, was the climax of “months and months of hard careful work for the USA government” that took place against background of growing tensions between Washington and Moscow, sharply exacerbated by Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine.

“We need do absolutely everything we can as Americans to advocate for these americans who illegal overseas and we do our best possible to get them out”, Reid told CNN.


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