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Transmission of Diseases from Animals and Birds to Humans

There are diseases transmitted from birds and animals to humans. Which one is deadly and where does it come from in humans? What are the preventive measures?

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov points out in a TV show that many people take care of birds, feed them, keep birds at home, such as parrots, etc. Residents of villages and rural areas breed chickens in their homes, without thinking about the consequences. Knowing that birds, like many animals, carry various diseases.

“When feeding a wild pigeon or other birds, you can get salmonellosis, avian disease, chlamydia, avian flu and fungal diseases,” he says.

He adds: There is currently an epidemic of bird flu, and this disease primarily affects the birds themselves. The most important diseases transmitted from birds to humans include:

Histoplasmosis, also known as cave disease.

Campylobacteriosis is a disease dangerous for children and people with weakened immune systems. Intestinal infection can lead to meningitis.

West Nile fever

Bird disease transmitted from sick birds

– Bird flu

Salmonella disease

– Chlamydia, a parrot disease that causes lung disease and pneumonia

allergic pneumonia

– Pneumonia

According to him, a person can become infected even without direct contact with birds and animals, as happens, for example, when inhaling air with dry droppings in a pet store.

He says: “We don’t know what is in the stomach of a wild bird and what bacteria it carries, and what is normal for it in the gut microbiome can be fatal for humans.”

Myasnikov points out that there are vaccines against some types of bird flu. But there are too many viruses and disease-causing variants. Therefore, it is important for doctors to minimize the risk of transmission of infection from one person to another. Because even a person who has been ill can be a carrier of the virus. That is why bird migration biological tracking stations operate every year and conduct the necessary studies and tests to predict the migration of the virus.

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