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Trade unions promise fight ministerial proposals to limit the right to strike on railways | Rail transport

Trade unions have pledged fight “desperate” proposals of ministers force personnel for work should a national call a railroad strike.

With ballots on strike on Network Rail network and 15 English trains operators closing this week, transport secretary, Grant Shapps, said government will consider imposing “floor levels of service” that would effectively limit the right to strike.

National Union of Railroad, Marine and Transportation Workers (RMT) and others have said that any such move met with “the fiercest opposition”.

Over 40,000 RMT members vote on whether to hit in in face of expected cuts, including loss of thousands of maintenance jobs at Network Rail, wage freezes and closures of station ticket offices, after government said the rail industry to find huge savings after drop in income caused due to the covid pandemic. results of in vote expected on Wednesday morning.

Shapps told The Telegraph that ministers are considering legislation that would fulfill the Conservative manifesto’s promise to keep services open during transport strikes. “We had a promise in about the minimum level of service,” he said. If they really got to this point, then the minimum level of service would be way to work to the protection of these freight routes and those types of of things.”

Unions said Shapps spoke of denial basic rights. RMT general secretary Mick Lynch, said: “Any attempt by Grant Shapps to make an effective strike illegal on railroads will met with the fiercest resistance from the RMT and wider trade union motion.

” government need concentrate all your efforts on to find just settlement of this railway dispute, not attack democratic rights of working people”.

Transportation Workers Association (TSSA), which can also Keep national a bulletin about a railway strike in case of mandatory dismissal made said it was “desperate nonsense from the Tories, who chose attack working people who railroads worked every single day of pandemic”. unions general secretary Manuel Cortes, said: “Our union will challenge their unjust and undemocratic laws every step of in way”.

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BKT general secretary Francis O’Grady, indicted ministers of trying to take my mind off cost-of- life crisis fight with unions. “The right to strike is crucial in free society,” she said. “Threat…means the workers can’t stand up for good service and safety in work or defend your job or get paid.”

Merge general secretary Sharon Graham said union will resist head-on and by any means any further attacks on the right to strike.”

Railway workers’ unions have warned of Spring of dissatisfaction” after lengthy negotiations with industry bosses over potential savings broke down at the end of last year without agreement. Some kind of rail operating companies are considering a pay rise of 2-3%, but most of the salaries were frozen during the pandemic, and inflation reached 9%.

The rail industry is gaining momentum up accident plans for a national strike, including prioritizing the operation of freight trains to preserve goods moving and the shelves are full.

Railway companies say strike vote is premature with most salary negotiations yet to come place, but unions believe drastic cuts are coming. The industry needs about £15 billion. of additional funding when Covid dispersed passengers, and government It has made clear inform executives that the subsidy should fall. Trade unions called government take on rolling stock, which received guaranteed income from taxpayers and paid huge dividends to shareholders during the pandemic.

The Department for Transport said there would be strikes cause “irreparable damage to our railways”, with many former passengers no longer have to commute to work every day.

A spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group said that rail companies are “keeply aware of of cost of living pressure” on staff, but added: “All our attention now should ensure prosperity future for rail that adapts to new travel schemes and does not take more how is that fair share from taxpayers instead of stage early strikes that disrupt the lives of passengers and hurt the industry. recovery in risk”.

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