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Tory tensed up for heavy losses in Scotland as voters take revenge against Boris Johnson for ‘party’

Senior Scottish Conservative insiders have said their drop in support mainly thanks to them traditional supporters who refuse to give up their ballots and stay in home.

BUT senior the source insisted that these voters did not translate their support other parties indicatingone-off”protest votes against prime minister who may be won back again.

But it’s understandable Tori support It has declined even in strongholds like Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Kinross and East Renfrewshire.

One of the insiders said: “We expect to take third place and expect to suffer quite a lot of losses.

“Lot of our vote holds on tight, but there are enough conservative voters who are just going to stay at home and send a message to Boris that way. This is people who are conservative and strong unionists.”

But the insider added: “Douglas won’t go anywhere. Voters don’t even bring up the attitude of the Scottish Tories is their emotional motivating factor – the partygate.”

SNP won 431 places in in the 2017 contest, while the Tories under Ms Davidson took an extraordinary 164 places, bringing their number to 276.

The number of Laborites fell from 133 to 262 five years ago. However series of Opinion polls predicted conservatives would be ousted back in the third again this time. count of votes starts on Friday morning with results They are expected to be announced in the afternoon.


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