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Tory rebel asks deputies to refuse no-confidence letters ‘like panic sets in over timing

Rebel Conservative MPs panic over deadlines of push to remove Boris Johnson, with some have expressed doubt that next week is the right time trigger a no-confidence vote.

About 30 defenders publicly called for in prime minister retire, and defenders believe they are close to achieving threshold of 54 no-confidence letters are needed for leadership bulletin.

But one The Conservative MP seeking to replace Johnson called for colleagues revoke their no-confidence letters to prevent vote happened “accidentally” start of next week, according to The keeper.

Alarmed opponents of Johnson are said to fear that would-be leadership candidates have not had enough time to mobilize and encourage wavering MPs to look beyond Johnson.

Some believe that the period after two by-elections in June will introduce best chance of victory over prime minister in a confidence vote.

The rebels have previously told Independent what are they afraid of confidence vote may be triggered too much soon “accidentally” – allowing Mr. Johnson good chance of residence in power for another 12 months.

Tori rules means that most of party deputies from Russia – 180 – will have to vote against mr johnson in to spark a competition for leadership in order to find a replacement for him. If the PM survives, it is protected from facing another vote for a year.

A little of Mr Johnson’s allies are said to be interested on a no-confidence vote in period until by-elections on 23 June in Wakefield, Tiverton and Honiton.

Conservative polling guru Lord Hayward told Sky News: “If I were a conspirator, I’d probably want it go on for for a while, because allows conversations to take place longer. By-elections on June 23… will be key”.

Peer Tory added: “If I was a fan of Boris, I would probably want it’s as fast as possible to get it out of in way because 54 is relatively easy. 180 is the number on a vote of confidence is another matter.”

Andrew Bridgen – Conservative MP who recently resent my email after retracting it during the outbreak of war in Ukraine – reportedly predicted in tori whatsapp group what Downing Street will be told on Monday, which had 54 letters already passed in.

Conservative MP Marc Francois, who did not call for Mr. Johnson went, offered prime minister still had work do to next a week to convince wavering supporters that everything will change after Partygate.

“We’ll come back on Monday and colleagues asks: “Who will take responsibility for this?” he told Times Radio. on Friday. “Having spoken to colleagues in past a few days, they are in such a mood, they want to know”Who will carry the jar?”

It comes like head of grassroots conservative activist group called on Mr Johnson resigns over Partygate scandal – saying the prime minister would “put off voters” on next general elections.

Ed Costello said Telegraph that Mr. Johnson was not “totally honest” about illegal gatherings in Downing Street. “If he had any sense, he would have retired before he was pushed.”

Leslie Bambridge, Conservative mayor of West Norfolk said it fears Mr Johnson has now ‘lost his grip’ on No. 10. “I think it’s time for him to think seriously and decide whether he is the right person for work at the moment.”

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