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Tory members still prefer Johnson to Truss and Sunaka by a wide margin. way poll shows | Politics News

Most members of the Conservative Party still prefer Boris Johnson over or of two candidates running for the seat over as prime minister new interview shows.

AT head-to-head vote63% of party members chose prime minister compared with 22% for Liz Truss, Opinium found.

When asked about the confrontation between Mr. Johnson and Rishi Sunak, 68% answered: for Prime Minister, with 19% choose for his former chancellor.

Among general publicHowever results were upside down though over much lower margins.

Just under a third (31%) would choose Miss Truss. over johnson, who attracted 26% support.

With Mr. Sunak it was much closer with 32% support it, against 31% for Mr Johnson.

AT terms of who Most likely win race leadMiss Truss, foreign secretary has 22 points lead over Mr Sunak, research suggest.

Study found 61% support for Miss Truss, compared with 39% for Mr Sunak.

almost three in ten participants (29%) stated that they had already voted, and another 47% said they would definitely vote.

Only 19% are undecided who to backOpinion found.

Rishi Sunak more popular with young people party members

It means that for Mr. Sunak, in order to be successful, he must win in votes of all those who who remain undecided, as well as a significant part of those who are still vote.

Miss Truss attracts the most support from senior members of in party, research found.

She has 40 points lead among those who are aged over 65 years old, while among under 50 years old she is eight years old. points behind Mr Sunak.

AT main the reasons the members gave for Ms. Truss’s support was that she was considered more honest and trustworthy (14%) and that she remained loyal to Mr. Johnson (10%).

Another 8% were impressed with her plans for tax cuts and think she’s better on in economy.

Liz Truss on the hunt event in    Cheltenham
Participants found Liz Truss to be trustworthy

Those supporting Mr. Sunak chose the same reason – his perceived economic competence.

This amounted to for 22% of votes for in former chancellor, and 10% consider him the most competent and intelligent.

AT next leader of Conservative Party and Mr. Johnson’s successor in office prime minister will be announced on September 5th.

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