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Tornado: Severe storms expected in South more over 40 million at risk


Severe storms expected to bring potential for monster trio of tornadoes, destructive winds and hail millions of people in parts of Southeast and Mississippi Valley Start Tuesday Afternoon, Forecasters warning.

Over 40 million people from southeast Texas east to Georgia and north to central Indiana and Illinois are under threat of heavy weather Tuesday, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

The biggest potential for the heaviest weather is for about 1 million people in parts of central Mississippi including Jackson as well as parts of east-central Louisiana. In these areas, the threat for heavy weather including major hail and possible tornado, this is level 4 of 5, with 5 being the highest according to the center’s prediction.

Level 4 or moderate threat is rare. for at that time of year for which is a region that usually sees tornadoes during the spring and summer months.

“Heavy thunderstorms able of tornadoes, very heavy hail and several strong gusts of wind are expected in different parts of the country this afternoon at night. of lower and middle Mississippi Valley and parts thereof of South-East,” the prognostic center said in a statement. “Several strong tornadoes will possible”.

Track storms as they develop here.

Hail, strong winds and tornadoes also possible in Level 3 or better risk area which covers 3 million people in many ways of Mississippi and parts of western Alabama, southwestern Tennessee, eastern Arkansas, northern Louisiana, and small part of east Texas.

A little of these tornadoes can occur on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, which will make them even more threat due to hardship of informing people what need look for the best shelter in time hours.

“Another challenge with night tornadoes, especially in autumn and winter, that’s what storms usually are move very quickly in times 50 or 60 miles an hour.” — Bill Bunting, Superintendent of Forecast operations at the Storm Prediction Center, CNN Weather reported.

“That means you have to do decisions fast and take cover based on information contained in severe thunderstorm or tornado warning Don’t wait until the storm arrives added.

Parts of in region May also see heavy rain that can cause flooding due to rounds of thunderstormsBunting noted.

Massive rainfall expected range 1 to 2 inches with some local areas risk of seeing up up to 4 inches.

Pending of potential impact of the storm, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reminded residents to document any damage they experience.

“We call on the people of Mississippi to take photos of them home BEFORE the storms. These photos can be used for for insurance purposes and/or possible help if your home damaged in storm,” the agency said in a statement. on this is Twitter account.

moderate risk storm system brings to region notes second time weather service issued level 4 of 5 threats this month, CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward said.

this is also in first time on record there were two level 4 threats in November since the start of the storm using its five-tier system of heavy storm risk categories in 2014, Ward added.

weather service issued a previous moderate threat on November 4, as a result in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana are reporting 62 tornadoes, according to the Prediction Center. A lot of homes and businesses were damaged.

And given that the tornado is not common for in region at that time of storm on tuesday may blind some people.

“Heavy thunderstorms in autumn and winter can be extremely significant and can sometimes catch people off guard as thunderstorms usually occur less often in cooler months,” Banting said.

The same storm system It has also caused heavy snowfall in 13 states in the West and Upper Midwest, where more than 15 million people are currently winter weather bulletins and winter storm warnings.

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