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Tornado in Northern Michigan wreaks havoc on homes and businesses

Tornado swept over Northern Michigan on Friday, Injury Undetermined of people hurting a few homes and businesses, overturning cars and cutting down trees, the authorities said.

Lieutenant Derrick Carroll of Michigan State Police reported from Gaylord, city of about 4000 that the storm tore mobile home park and business area and knocked out power. He said there are confirmed injuries, but he doesn’t have an account. of how many.

Vic Ouellette, 74, a member of the Gaylord city council, was in basement of in home he was born in when the three-room building collapsed on he and his wife, he said in telephone interview.

“I have a goose egg the size of of lemon on vertex of my head where is the roof hit me,” Mr. Ouellette said, waiting to be taken to the nearest emergency room. wearing just shorts, t-shirt and one slipper. “I lucky to be alive.”

Although his childhood home was destroyed, Mr Ouellette said that he and his wife would be all right, thanks people who helped pull them out of the rubble. “We couldn’t get out of there without help,” he said.

Ouellette, a retired police officer, hurried with his wife to the basement after receiving a tornado warning. on his phone. There he looked out window and watched the aluminum siding tear off neighboring house. That’s when the tornado hit his house stunning him.

“His like be inside of snowball, he said. “Dust flies. Water flies. You don’t see anything. This is like you are inside of cloud.”

video posted on Twitter showed trace of destruction along the trade strip in Gaylord which is about 175 miles north of Lansing.

Andy Sullivan, National Weather Service forecaster office in Gaylord said there was “no doubt” that the tornado hit and said it was “very strong one wherein”. He said office was an estimate teams in in community. He added that a tornado hitting Northern Michigan was unusual.

tornado, which hit around 3:45 p.m., he said, the shopping area was “heavily damaged”.

Michigan State Police said on Twitter that trees and power lines blocked the roadway and reported that “several homes and businesses” were damaged.

Lieutenant Carroll said officials are calling for people stay away and that numerous ambulances from all over region answered. He said it seemed to everyone community were amazed, including mobile home park, which he described as “pretty bad”.

Michael Ryan, Council Member who lives through street from his colleague, Mr. Ouellette, said that the tornado tore the roof tiles off its roof and destroyed it windows. Friday night he sat in his car in its surroundings and examined the destruction. He saw broken trees in half or torn down and shot down power lines scattered all over area he estimated about four blocks by four blocks.

” house next collapsed for me,” he said. “Vika house is an off This foundation. house next to the fact that it is still standing, but there is no roof.

Mayor Todd Sharrard said Friday night that Gaylord had “quite a few injuries” even though he wasn’t sure how a lot, but he didn’t know of any deaths. Insofar as city lost power, he said, some of the injured residents were redirected to other nearby hospitals.

“The tornado stayed on Earth for a good two miles,” he said. “Right through the heart of our town.”

Mr. Sharrard said emergency crews from across northern Michigan were helping in rescue and cleanup work. He said city officials worked on imposing a curfew because “we have too many onlookers.”

Scott Distler, senior pastor of E-Free Church in Gaylord said west side of in city endured a lot of damage. “There are areas that have been levelled,” he said. “And we know of at least two families in our church who lost their homes.”

E-Free Church serves as a refuge for in the community and Mr. Distler said that many people sought refuge in the church.

For the 11 years he lived in Gaylord, he said, had never seen a tornado. like This.

“This is Northern Michigan, we are used to snowstorms,” Mr. Distler said. “Not a tornado.”

In a statement on TwitterGov. Gretchen Whitmer said: “To all Gaylord community – Michigan with you. We will do whatever it takes to rebuild”.

Isabella Grullon Paz made a report.

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