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Tori ordered to stop using Protocol line as “distracting attention from the scandal at the party” or risk trade war with European Union

event was an unprecedented diplomatic effort by Sinn Féin, former political wing of IRA and party who always refused to accept up his place in Westminster.

Bill also stop future inquiries and civil suits related to the Troubles, although it does not completely close the door criminal persecution.

On a rare gathering with through-party group of deputies in Westminster on Miss MacDonald called on Tuesday evening. on Tory supporters and peers perform out against Prime Minister’s plan to thwart up Protocol.

“We currently there is full onslaught, and full attack against Good Friday Agreement,” she said at the meeting, which was attended mainly by left-wing Labor MPs, SNP and Plaid Cymru, as well as veteran Conservative Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash.

“AND more alarming, we have administration, the prime minister at 10 Downing Street who is an playing fast and free, very dangerous game of brinkmanship, with everything that has been achieved over in last quarter of a century.

“This is the most serious and most serious situation that should call Attention of every member of house of Commons and every peer in house of Lords.”

During a speech that drew frequent applause from an audience that included former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn and his former front benches John McDonnell, Richard Burgon and Rebecca Long-Bailey, she insisted that Sinn Féin good connections with No. 10.

She said, “This should be challenged, not just we would argue from the bench of the opposition. It must be challenged from within government yourself, because it is very, very wrong.

“We are not want poke your eye or choose fight with Boris Johnson or anyone of his colleagues but we left with No option but challenge This in most energetic terms”.

Meeting in Westminster was held after the families of Victims of the riots told the prime minister that the UK government’s controversial legacy law was “an affront to all modern standards”. of decency”.

protests also took place in Belfast and Londonderry as MPs discuss the legacy plan in house of Commons, which would give immunity people who considered to be cooperating with en information retrieval body.


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