Tori call for Boris Johnson to step down as MP avoid Request Partygate | Boris Johnson

Conservative MPs want to have a deal with Boris Johnson for him to leave parliament as well as in return the ax to investigate whether he misled them over Partygate like allies of in prime minister called it a “witch hunt”.

Although he must leave No. 10 in less than a month old, the Wikimedia Commons Privilege Committee’s investigation is still ongoing. prime minister’s initial denials in December last year that any Covid laws were violated during the lockdown.

A little of Johnson critics want him to stand down as a deputy to avoid process in the spotlight on deeply embarrassing issue for in party which strained relations between colleagues.

Commission’s investigation with it is expected that the majority of the Tories, who chose Harriet Harman of the Labor Party for the presidency, on for months.

Tranche of The committee requested evidence, including Johnson’s diaries covering 12 days of partying. in Westminster in disobedience of COVID-19 rulesWhatsapp emails and messages, photos, internal notes and list of deleted documents.

If Johnson found mislead parliament he could face suspension from the House of Commons and a motion for recall which, if signed by 10% of his constituents from Uxbridge and South Ruislip trigger by-elections.

Unlike when Conservative MPs were flogged to save Owen Paterson, which caused unrest in the party’s ranks over sleaze and scandal, some of Johnson’s most ferocious Tory opponents they said they were happy support ending the Partygate investigation if Johnson steps in down as a deputy.

One source said: “I think this is not the case. just for in parliament partyno for everything is us just move on from this psychodrama.

They are added “one good turn deserves another” for maintaining a movement that effectively wraps up investigation will be that Johnson “will receive out of Communities”.

Another Tory MP who helped bring down Johnson said that if an incoming prime minister decided to spare Johnson’s fate by filing a petition in The House of Commons to close the investigation and asked for colleagues’ support”this is normal”.

“I see the benefit of he feels well,” they said. “The main political goal has been achieved. It depends if our next the leader wants to continue this feud in conservative party or will just take hit”.

If Johnson does step down as MP, a by-election will be called. triggered. He won location in west london in 2019 with majority of just 7210. How Conservatives Failed to Poll lead since december 2021 and lost the string of Tory safety seats over in past yearholding Uxbridge and South Ruislip would not be a certainty.

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One of Johnson’s closest allies, culture secretary Nadine Dorris insisted he stay in politicsbut proposed a privileges committee request should be finished anyway.

“If this witch hunt continues, it will be the most egregious violence. of power was a witness in Westminster,” she tweeted. on Sunday. “This will raise serious doubts not only on in reputation of individual deputies sit on committee, but on processes of parliament and democracy itself.

Dorris also accused seven deputies behind investigation of operating “court kangaroo” and said he was “cruel removed”.

She called for supporters of outgoing prime minister Unite behind Liz Truss, leader in Tory leadership race.

Asked what Johnson would do next, Dorris told the Sunday Express: “Boris will definitely stay in politics. You won’t get rid of of Boris.

Zach Goldsmith, another Johnson ally who was made colleague in prime minister when he lost his place in 2019, stated that the Partygate investigation was “clearly rigged”.

“This is the jury of very partial, vindictive and vindictive deputies, almost all of who are they already on in record viciously attack the person being tried,” he tweeted. “It’s an obscene insult of power”.

Back bench Tory Bill Cash prepared call-out offer for scrapped of investigation, arguing that it was “unnecessary” given Johnson’s departure from Downing Street at start of September.

Privilege Committee contacted for comment.


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