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Top court issues contempt notice to cleric for hurling threats at Justice Isa

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday turned down the genuine apology used by cleric Agha Iftikharuddin Mirza for making negative remarks and hurling threats at Justice Qazi Faez Isa and other judges and provided him with contempt notice.

Mirza on Wednesday had actually sent an affidavit prior to the peak court, tendering a genuine apology for “unintentionally” saying some words versus the honourable judges in a “private meeting”.

Declining his apology, a two-judge bench consisting of Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Ijazul Ahsan directed him to react in 7 days and to personally appear in the next hearing.

Throughout the hearing, Justice Ahsan questioned whether such language might be permitted and if an apology can be accepted in such a case.

The primary justice said that there was “no room for mercy” in the event while Justice Ahsan stated that the video “was not made by a child but by Mirza himself”.

The court additional observed that Mirza had a YouTube channel and he made money through it.

” Such curse words are not utilized even in the streets. Islamic scholars tape-recorded such a video and after that made itpublic He [Mirza] accepted in front of the Federal Examination Company that he tape-recorded the video in the existence of 7 worshippers,” Justice Ahsan stated.

The judge mentioned that on the one hand Mirza had actually accepted his criminal activity by sending an apology however he still declared he had actually not devoted a criminal activity.

Sarkar Abbas, Mirza’s legal representative, stated his customer was a heart patient and must be forgiven to which the chief justice stated he [Mirza] needs to have kept his “tongue in check”.

The primary justice scolded Mirza’s legal representative for not comprehending the significance of the case and for taking it gently. “We can send out Iftikharuddin [Mirza] to prison for 6 months,” he stated.

Justice Ahsan stated according to Attorney General Of The United States Khalid Jawed Khan, the video might likewise be categorized as a criminal activity under the Wrongdoer Treatment Code and anti-terrorism laws, including that there was no space for forgiveness in such cases.

” The video was prepared and photos were utilized. These words [in the video] have actually been utilized versus organizations. Forgiveness can not be asked after utilizing such words,” Justice Ahsan said.

Attorney General Of The United States Khalid Jawed Khan argued that Mirza had actually utilized “strong words” versus the judiciary which had actually harmed its regard. The AG did acknowledge that Mirza had actually been moved to a medical facility on grievances of heart discomfort and lightheadedness.

“He started getting dizzy after the judiciary took notice. If the court wants, it can announce punishment today if he pleads guilty,” Justice Ahsan stated.

The top court likewise declined to accept a letter by Justice Isa’s better half and directed her to send it according to court treatments. It likewise declined to hear arguments from attorneys of reporters Hamid Mir and Mohammad Maalik.

The case was adjourned up until July 15.

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