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‘too much deadly Gas… ‘: Victims of triple suicide in Vasant Vihar Delhi left warning Note, say the police

Investigation into the alleged triple suicide case in Vasant Vihar revealed that a 54-year-old woman and her daughters were planning to end their lives for days, the police said. the police added that they found Alleged suicide notes andwarning” sign on The wall of The house Saying “gas chamber”. The note is registered on wall of The house alerted people of Presence of dangerous gases in The house He gave instructions to open windows And switch on The police said.

On Saturday night, 54-yearManju Devi and her two daughters Anchika, 26, and Ankita, 30, died after inhaling toxic fumes from anjitty inside their home. home in Vasant Vihar.

The officers investigating the case said that the accident appeared like Like family They closed the windows with foil and tape.

“too much deadly Gas…inside carbon dioxide. Please ventilate the room by opening the window and opening the fan. don’t do light match, candle or something! Be careful while removing the curtain because so is the room full of dangerous gases; Do not inhale. Open the inner window from outside“Read the recorded note on The wall of The house.

Deputy Commissioner of Manoj Si of the Police (South West) said: “Manju husband and who also owns houseDie in April 2021 of Covid and since then family He was depressed. Mango was bedridden due to illness. At first glance, they seem to have died of suffocation.”

The police said that family have stamped them windows with foil and tape

The police received a PCR . report call About the accident around 8.55 pm on Saturday after the neighbors knocked on the door but no one answered. Notify the caller us that house It is locked from the inside one He was opening the door. SHO (Vasant Vihar) all along with His crew rushed to the site and found doors and windows Closed on all sides.

police personnel I managed to open the door and found This was gas also Leak from LPG cylinder. Our staff found That the nozzle was partially opened and that the three victims were lying down on the bed. Four suicide papers have been recovered from possession and three small candles along with Angity, kept in room,” said the DCP.

Forensic Medicine team He was asked to collect evidence, including fingerprints, from the scene.


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