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Too fat to get lost? That's why Apple's new Siri remote doesn't have an air day

3D printer prints cover for Siri-Remote with Airtag . (Image: Etsy)
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Anyone who knows the Siri remote control has certainly already got it Often searched. Now one could have expected that Apple would therefore use its airtags for the new Siri remote. Not even close.

Apple made the second generation of the Siri remote control for the Apple TV thicker so that you can find it easier? Yes, said Apple Vice President Tim Twerdahl in an interview with Mobile Syrup published on Friday. Amazing.

He considers an air tag for the Siri remote to be dispensable. It is a good deal thicker and so it cannot easily disappear between the couch cushions. Therefore it does not have to be found by other network devices. The user can do this all by himself.

You might have lots of ideas for the new Airtags at Apple. And of course the find function is very powerful, but designed for use outside the home. Over a billion devices worldwide can use the network to help users find things again.

Help yourself: Etsy has prepared something

Notorious remote publishers cannot expect any help from Apple itself. Since the Airtags were introduced, a whole range of resourceful couch cushion collectors have taken care of solutions for their remotes.

The shirt-sleeved solutions are based on double adhesive tape, Velcro straps and even silicone and should ignite the eye of the Apple aesthetes in the long run. So if you are looking for a reasonably stylish solution for your Apple remote control, you should take a look at this Airtag cover on Etsy. For about more than 11 euros you can get a holder from the 3D printer that meets at least basic design requirements.

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