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Told To Quit, Nitish Kumar’s Party Leader Says “Won’t Leave Without Share”



Upendra Kushwaha responded by saying that he could not leave party. (file)


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asked him party Fellow and parliamentarian board President Upendra Kushwaha to leave JD(U).

Mr. Kushwaha replied that he could not leave party without him share in the father property”.

This comes amid speculation about the existence of Mr. Quchuaha in touches’ with Bharatiya Janata Party.

“Well, Bhai Sahib….! If the younger brothers keep leaving the house house like This is on advice of the elder Brothers, then everything elder The whole brotherhood will catch on property of Bab Dada (ancestors) by throwing away from younger brothers. How can I go out (of the party) during departure behind for me share in The entire estate…? Upendra Kushwaha tweeted in Indian.

Meanwhile, JD(U) leader Umesh Kushwaha slammed party Leader of the Upendra Kushwaha. He said: “Upendra Kushwaha should shame on you of his behaviour. Nitesh Kumar has given him a lot but he is trying to break JD(U). he should resign from party. “

So far, the form has not been submitted for the membership drive. If he had any morals, it was him should Leave the party Himself.”

Nitish J made It has Upendra Kushwaha from Upendra Singh. send it to me parliament Council,” claimed Umesh Kushwaha.

JD (U) leader further mentioned that party He grew strong on own but when Upendra Kushwaha joined the partywork to weaken it.

“If he has any self-respect, it is him should Very well resign. Those Who who Nitish G cheated should Be careful,” Umesh Kushwaha warned against targeting the Hezbollah leader (U).

Previously on Sunday, Upendra Kushwaha refuted the rumors about him joining Bharatiya Janata Party.

On Saturday in response to speculation of Alleged Upendra Kushwaha proximity with Bharatiya Janata Party, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said he will meet Mr. Kushwaha and discuss the matter.

Please ask Upendra Kushwaha to speak to me left the party Earlier also, I don’t know what does he want I was not in Patna so I’m not aware of He. She. he currently I will meet him and discuss this matter,” Nitish Kumar said during the Samadhan Yatra. in Jaya.

(excludes for address, this story It was not edited by the NDTV staff and was posted from a syndicated feed.)

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