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Today’s Congressional protest sends a message against Ram Temple, says Amit Shah

New Delhi:

union home minister Amit Shah indicted Congress today of Appease politics declaring them black The clothes protest was actually against The foundation ceremony of Ram temple in Ayodhya. pointing out That today is the anniversary of The foundation Ceremony, said Congress, by holding a protest in black Clothes,” they send a subtle message that they are protesting against The foundation ceremony for Ram Janmapumi is taking forward they policy of calm down.”

Conference hit backsaying it was a desperate attempt “to divert, distract, polarize and give Malicious distortion of its “democratic demonstrations” against price rise.

“The Minister of the Interior has made A desperate attempt to distract and polarize and give A pernicious turn of democratic protests today of Tweet embed against price rise, unemployment, and goods and services tax. It is only a sick mind that can produce such false arguments. It is clear that the protests did that hit homeTweet senior Congress Party leader Jerome Ramesh.

Congress “Gherao of Marching home” – planned since then last The week – Today turned into a major controversy. Delhi Police who withheld permission for Protest, detainees key leaders of The party Including Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

This is about the registered cases in court. Why do they organize protests every day? I feel like Congress has hidden Agenda – they have extended appease them policy in Mr Shah, whose department operates “in a persuasive manner”, said in Cost of Law and order in Delhi.

Doubting the timing of “Today, the Execution Directorate did not summon or interrogate anyone. There were no raids… I don’t understand why the protest had to be organized today,” he said at the protest.

“I admit it was on On this day Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid… foundation for Ram Janmabhoomi, providing a peaceful solution for the 550-year-Old problem. Nowhere in There was no violence in the country of Riot … I will say that a policy of Appeasement is not good for The Minister of the Interior said.

Congress held several protests in Delhi and other states since the Enforcement Directorate began questioning Gandhi in alleged money laundering An issue linked to the National Herald. almost all of Led to police movements and injured many, especially the elderly deputies and former Ministers.

Congress had started today’s protests before wearing black clothes for parliament. The proceedings were postponed amid an uproar over Alleged misuse of Investigation agencies by government.

As the march to Rashtrapati Bhavan begins soon After that, dramatic pictures showed the police wrestling with The leaders are trying to stop and detain them.

Opposition parties condemned the police action and described it as a photographer of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who was physically dragged away by the police has been widely traded on social media.

Release the leaders in evening after nearly six hours.

The Congress and other opposition parties have been constantly raising questions in parliament against The price riselast expansion of the range of Goods and Services Tax and Unemployment. The protests are taking place at home parliament And the out.

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