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TMC or BJP MLA Leader: Strange Case of Mukul Roy becomes more curious

Once considered as number 2 in TMC, when was party supremo and west bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s close assistant, Roy, is gone after splitting from the BJP on To become the top saffron party leader in West Bengal.

Before of In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Roy resigned from TMC and joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party national vice president.

but, in June last yearhardly one A month after the state assembly elections won by Mamata’s Transitional Military Council for For the third time in a row, Roy returned to party. Although sweep TMC in Ballot, he had won His own seat of Krishnanagar (Northern) constituency in Nadia’s neighborhood on BJP ticket.

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The controversy erupted after he returned to the fold of the TMC, when the Speaker of the Bengal Council, Biman Banerjee, named him head of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), a post which is traditionally assigned to the opposition candidate.

Since Roy did not resign as leader of the Moroccan Liberation Army of the opposition in The association, Suvindu Adhikari, has moved a petition for disqualification against Before the Speaker of the House of Representatives under the law of non-dissent. In February, House Speaker Adhikari refused pleaand then challenged the former order in Calcutta High Court. Roy remained a member of the Legislative Assembly of the BJP and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PAC.

On April 11, the Supreme Court set Aside the arrangement of the speaker and restored Subject for his new mind. a division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava and Rajarshi Bharadwaj issued the order, reportedly asking the House Speaker to take decision on Hold a press conference on June 11 last yearwhere Roy joined TMC, “As Evidence”.

Adhikari then confirmed that Banerjee’s spokesperson decision to me allow Roy to retain the position of MLA It was practically rejected by the court.

Meanwhile, Transitional Military Council spokesman Kunal Ghosh demanded arrest of tell him senior party Colleague, in Connection with The fraud cases of Sarada and Narada while he was called “BJP Leader”. Taking to Twitter, Ghosh demanded that “CBI and ED should arrest BJP leader Mukul Roy in The cases of Sarada and Narada. I have already Send them a message to pray for joint interrogation with for him. He is an influential conspirator. He only used different parties for his character protection. Mukul Roy should Do not spare. “

in wakefulness of By order of the Supreme Court, Speaker of the House again Hear Adhikari’s petition for Roy’s disqualification and reject it on June 8 saying he “didn’t find an advantage in argument of The petitioner”.

Speaking to reporters at the time, Banerjee said: “I heard from both sides and discussed at length the previous rulings that he mentioned petitioner. I came to the conclusion that petitioner she has failed to me prove he claimed. The petitioner Put the focus on Electronic evidence. I took note of those pieces of Evidence, and those too failed to me prove charge”.

amplifier also He said: “The leader of Opposition Svendu Adhikari and MLA Ambika Roy questioned the authenticity of of The appointment of Mukul Roy as PAC Chairman and sought his removal from the MLA. Move the court. The case moved to the Supreme Court from the Supreme Court but the esteemed Supreme Court sent it back To the Supreme Court and the esteemed Supreme Court you have asked me to pronounce my judgment within a month.”

speaker rule set off new match of A verbal duel between the BJP and the Military Junta, with Adhikari stresses that “the speaker acted like TMC operator. we will again Go to court.”

For his part, Ghosh said, “Mukul Roy is in Bharatiya Janata. But TMC is big at heart party. If any old friend comes on our doorstep, they are always welcome and give He has water.”


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