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Tips to beat all gym leaders in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl

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Tips to beat all the gym leaders in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

Go for all the leaders!

Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl are games that are very faithful to the Nintendo DS installments, and therefore, they keep the gym leaders’ equipment intact according to the original installments. Here we list them and we leave you tips to address them:

    Roca Gym (Roco)

    • Use Pokémon with water- or grass-type moves.
    • If you have chosen Turtwig or Pipluo, you will have an advantage.

    Gym Plant (Gardenia)

    • Use Pokémon with Fire, Bug, or Flying-type moves.
    • Use Pokémon with poison type movements can also be used, as well as using a Chimchar (if you choose).

    Flying Gym / Fighter (Brega)

      • Kadabra or Staravaria can be very helpful.

      Gym Water (Mananti)

      • Here the key will be in the Pokémon of electric or rock type.
      • Pikachu, Luxray or Pokémon that we find in caves can be very useful in combat.
      • Gym Ghost (Fantina)

        • Ghost-type Pokémon will be the best strategy to defeat Fantina.
        • Using sinister-type Pokémon will also be a not inconsiderable option.

      Steel Gym (Acerón)

      • Ground and fighting type Pokémon are the key.
      • If you have chosen Piplup or Chimchar in the adventure, this fight will be easier for you.
      • Ice Gym (Winter)

      • As you might expect, Fire and Fighting-type Pokémon will make this fight a breeze.
      • The Flying-type Pokémon will also be very useful.

      Electric Gym (Lectro)

      • Using grass or electric type Pokémon will also make things easier against Lectro’s Octillery.

      What do you think? Will you face them?


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