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Three members of Labor front bench ignore the ban on strike support

At that time, six members of shady front bench, including Mr. Mishra, attended the RMT picket in disobedience of ban and received a reprimand from party whips. They are remain in post.

Union bosses and deputies on The Labor Left said Sir Keir must now “pick a side” as well as back specific hits.

Sharon Graham, leader of United union said: “If I were talking to Keir now, I would tell him: what side you on? Because the reality what if i closed mine eyes sometimes I wouldn’t know be it the Labor Party or the Tories who spoke.

“I’m very disappointed – frankly stunned – and I think Labor will have to seriously think about it.”

Left impulse campaign group said on Monday that’s a partial reversal on his ban on picketing” was “simply not enough for starmer k show that labor on in side of working people”.

“Starmer should declare Labor immediately support for BT, railroad, postal and other workers are on strike to protect their livelihoods during cost-of-life crisis advocate inflation-protected wages rise through board”, the organization said in a statement.

BT and Openreach workers strike nationwide over wage dispute after the CWU rejected a £1,500 pay rise for all workers.

Dave Ward, unions general secretary said: “Because BT Group workers were forced to stage a historic strike in protection of them standard of life, just like in working class pandemic people will step up to the plate when employers and politicians fail and are ready to deliver need before greed.

“We call on all sympathetic members of in public picket in them area and chip in to help out other”.

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